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RE: Splinternomics: are you buying packs or monsters?

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Untamed problem

You can buy Untamed pack from Hive-engine at 40% discount (6 Hive), but it will not be counted for airdrops.

I also do not open packs.

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There's no point in buying a pack that won't be counted for airdrops you know?

Airdrop is again a gamble only. I get 0 airdrop for 330 packs and 1 for 550 Packs because at that time they guaranteed 1 for 400 pack purchase.

so tell me how does not it make a point to buy from market?

lol okao when you put it like that then getting from the market makes far moree sense

Friend, You have always heard the "triumph" stories , that they get GFL in 25 packs , or they get lucky with just 5-10 packs buy.

Nobody pen down the stories of such unfavorable luck and I do not think I might be alone.

Oh you're not alone. A lot of my friends tell me about their hard luck. I've experienced but bad and good luck in the packs.