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SPT Tokens

If you're creating a Splinterlands themed post I highly suggest you use the tag SPT or post said content from the website is a front end that allows us to interact with the Steem Blockchain.

Why use the SPT tag you ask? Well because SPT is the official blog token for the game Splinterlands. SPT stands for Splintertalk Tokens and using the tag SPT will allow you to potentially earn some of those tokens. When creating/curating content on the Splintertalk site we earn all our regular blockchain rewards (Steem/Steem Power and SBD) and on top of those regular rewards we also earn the SPT token which can be sold/bought or traded on the Steem-Engine exchange.

It's Giveaway Time


Tag a monster maniac that you think would like to win some FREE SPT. If you win the raffle, 250 SPT will be sent to you and the other player you tagged will also be sent 250 SPT tokens. The sequence of your comments will determine your raffle ticket number. Please don't tag one of your alt accounts as that would go against the spirit of the giveaway.

I have some comment coin staked and will be using the #CC tag so anyone who comments should get a CC token sent to their Steem-Engine wallet.

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands (also known as Steemmonsters) is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. You can start playing or investing in Splinterlands today by clicking here.

Total Splinterlands Market Cap: $4,244,644

Total Listed Price MarketCap As Shown By Peakmonsters


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Let's be smart here

I am going to tag @rentmoney because in case of my comment being pulled you won't give yourself half of your own prize probably so that would make it 500 for me :D (if my logic applies)

also it's not wrong since I think you would like to win SPT.

And also @handtalk5 :)

This is very clever ...


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BDvoter Team

Thanks for the manual curation.


Thanks for the chance @rentmoney

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I love how you help people that has its merit


Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

@rentmoney Great Idea for the Contest and I am Tagging @silversaver888 since She is Putting out Great Splintertalk Content Quite Often..................Stuff like This from a couple of Days Ago.

Thanks, I'll have to look over @silversaver888 blog once I get some free time.

Thank You

Great idea, @rentmoney

Tagging @sayee

Thanks dear. Hope we win. :) I do use the SPT tag

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Tagging @weddinggift because I just recently discovered her !monster content. Keep up the good work.


Thank you so much for letting me know! 😀

I am tagging @summertooth.

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Tagging @hungryharish for the raffle

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Tagging @mawit07

Tagging @ityp. Thank you.


Hey @rentmoney, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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I'm tagging @scrooger because he does a lot for the Steemit community and I haven't seen him on SL for a while. 😊

Tagging back @tsnaks ;-D

Tagging @yorra

@ketcom Is killing the splinterlands game :D

Tagging @stryker-one

@monsterstamer иди сюда

@jlordc was the last steemmonsters peep i got a reply from ;)



Oh thank you so much for this! I have been using SPT ever since I log my splinterlands journey.

It has been nerve wrecking the last 4 days. I think all the big guns are rushing to get into gold league and I have been slaughtered so many times lol.

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I have selected @clove71

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