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RE: Valnamors look undervalued, so I just bought one!

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That's still some serious money for a card. Looks useful though. I have built up my old summoners and am loath to start again, but that may put me at a disadvantage. Will have to see how it goes, especially when the new rules kick in.


It's all relative, I think the value of the Valnamor will increase probably quicker than the other cards I've got, and I can use this!

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It will be interesting to see if the market can continue to grow. Some would say we are crazy to spend money on virtual goods, but it's all down to demand.

Splinterlands has weathered the storm of the Fork and now a whale sell off really well.

Still, my favourite ever Discord show quote remains 'I think most of us feel we're probably over-invested in Splinterlands' - that was from @nealmcspadden

Then again, gaming is big business!

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