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RE: Splinterlands Art Contest - Enchantress Of The Night

in Sketchbooklast year

Cool and sexy!! Un dibujo espectacular!!


Hola amor, muchas gracias por ver mi nuevo trabajo.

No, it's not that sexy, just normal... That's how I dress almost every time I go to the supermarket. normalita. XD

jajajajaja!!! Intonse qiuero ir al supermarket siempre con tigo!!
Monton de beso...querida :*

hahahahaha ok!!! I love that you accompany me... but I am not responsible if I am in front of you and suddenly I drop some canned, I must pick it up. ;)

Same dear. <3 <3 <3

auhauahauahauh!! TOP!! Lo espero vivamente!!

hahahahaha if you're crazy. ;)

I go crazy for you!! wuooooooooooooooooooo!!

hahahahahaha don't say that... I'm going to end up believing it. ;)

You should baby!! ;)