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RE: Splinterlands Art Contest - Enchantress Of The Night

in Sketchbooklast year

Nicely done!

Toss me your contact info via Discord, Telegram, or almost any social media (it's always @nateaguila). Or you can email me at

That way, if an opportunity presents itself, I'll let you know.


Ooooh!!! I'm so glad and super grateful, as soon as I finish doing some things, I'll leave you my details.

The truth is that 70% of the money that comes to my wallet to survive is thanks to Steem and now Hive, but with the pandemic and due to the quarantine I lost my job, so now 70% became 100%, so it doesn't hurt to have extra work. ;)

A billion thanks for your support @nateaguila. <3 <3 <3