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RE: Squirrel teeth and other amazing photos!

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Another thing we have in common I am also ambidextrous, but I dont have the problem with finding things in my pockets, some things I do mostly left handed and others mostly right when walking around or putting things in my pockets, but other things like settign the table I struggle with as I just cant get into my head which side the knife of fork should be on, one day I doit one way and the next meal the opposite lOL

Gorgeous shots


Well, all that I can say here is that we were cut from the same stone JJ.
An added problem for me is that my left and right brain don't communicate, some damage from the beatings that I had as a child and I have only learned later in life how to cope with it.
But such is life my friend.
Can you believe that I have never set a table and I wouldn't even know where to start, so you are one up on me, even if you do it wrong hahaha
Blessings to you guys!

Sorry to hear that, and I seldom set the table properly, I just put the knife and fork together most times lOL

Oh well, at least you put the spanners in the reach of people to eat with it. That's all that counts!

LOL at Spanners :)

😉 😉 😉