Splinterlands purchasing accident turned Gold Foil Legendary and Epic Gold.......

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"In Splinterlands we Trust"

It's hard to just leave and I get way frustrated these days but why is it that Splinterlands keeps me here? Honestly I believe in this project. If anyone knows or wants to know, Sports cards are on the way back big time, now the best to collect and get a good future return are certain rookies and get them graded. Gary V is bringing the collectible cards back and a lot of people follow him. Once people realize that a lot of people will be working from home, this game has so much potential to blow up. I believe it will but right now the elites are trying to kill off some people and crash everything. In comes Cryptocurrency, now I know its a blood path right now and I might be the only crazy one buying and opening packs but I think out of anyone we can trust that the @splinterlands team will do what it takes to protect everyone's investment, baring Crypto is dead or the internet.

Now for the story

I was or should I say I thought I was on Gold potions and I was going to purchase 30 of them, well I wasn't, I was on Untamed packs and bought 30 of them. haha Then I cried to @yabapmatt to see if he could help out, he was currently off line and I have always been the impatient one, especially when it comes to packs. Yeah, shoemanchu gets real lucky and its a lot but that's why I open and buy, open and buy. So I decided to open the 30 packs up after spending 60,000 DEC on them for 2,000 DEC each pack, when you can get them on @monstermarket for 1650 DEC but like I said it was accidental and I have a certain way I buy and open. Well I got very lucky and pulled a Gold Foil Legendary Phantom of the Abyss and a gold foil Epic Darkest Mage. This saved me big time and goes to show you somethings are meant to be and just let it go.

Don't panic on the Corona Virus it will be the world biggest Deep State Fear Mongering and go down as the biggest fraud to manipulate all Economies.

Get right with God, he will take you places you never imagined....... One Love, God Bless.....







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Also I am and will always be a proud member and founder @dosdudes with @dkid14 but I just want to keep giving more back to this community that I have grown to love.

On that note, thank you all that have continually supported @shoemanchu I am so blessed to be here and appreciate all the love the family has shown me.....

Strive for the Best

God Bless.....

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Sometimes it's worthwhile to own your fuck ups. Nice pulls mate.

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True that brother.... Thanks

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Wow!! What amazing cards!!!!! Keep up the faith! I love Splinterlands too- it is here to stay! Have a great season-ending!

Wow, Thanks @clove71 I'm defenitly trying to keep up the faith. Much appreciated on the updoot....

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Damn those are some awesome cards man! Wish I had the DEC to buy packs and not go broke lol

I think I'm going broke, lol..... Thanks... haha

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Congratulations @shoemanchu, you are very lucky!!

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Thank you my friend. God is great

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You welcome. God is great all the time!!

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Wow! Super lucky shoe! 🤩👍

Right, haha... Thanks Mango

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