Steemmonsters Untamed Gold Giant Scorpion card Giveaway winner #303 Congratulations @hetty-rowan

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Thank you to all that continue to support Shoemanchu over there year's, I appreciate all of you.

Finishing up these winner's posts and stepping into retirement from the failed system.

So here is the winner/winner's of the Untamed Gold Giant Scorpion Card...

Steemmonsters Shoemanchu Logo.jpg

I'm still pulling the numbers from the @dosdudes electronic machine no video

The Winner/Winner's of the Untamed Gold Giant Scorpion card is @hetty-rowan with lucky #12 drawn

Contest link:

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Strive for the Best.......

God Bless.....

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Thanks you so much for this wonderful giveaway @shoemanchu, and congrats to the winner.

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Thank you ... received the card. 💖

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