Splinterlands: New Reward Cards, Incoming!

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Evening Splinterlands

So new rulesets and reward monsters will be introduced tomorrow. The new rulesets will be keep the gameplay more exciting and diverse. And since bunch of reward cards are hitting their printing limit so ten new rewards cards will also be released. I like other splinterlands player can't wait to see the new card in action.

Among the upcoming 10 reward cards, there are a few I am really excited about.



Axemaster is a ranged water splinter monster with newly introduced Close Range ability. It have Double Strike ability at Lev-1 and Close Range ability at Lev-4. It also gets the awesome Cripple ability when maxed.
Decent ranged attack along with Double Strike and Close Range ability with high speed makes Axemaster a real asset. Complemented with Swiftness and Slow abilities this guys can be pretty hard to target.

Dark Ferryman


Dark Ferryman is the new ranged death splinter rare monster. It have the Cripple ability from just Lev-2 and gets the Dispel at Lev-6. Now, Dispel is the new ability and removes all the positive status effects(excluding summoner perks) from its target.

Almo Cambio


Almo Cambio is the legendary neutral no attack tank. It has huge health and speed with awesome abilities. At Lev-1 it have Immune ability making him resilient to all enemy monster negative buffs. At Lev-2 it gets the new Phase ability allowing him to escape magic attack just like ranged and melee attacks. At Lev-3 comes the Return Fire and Lev-4 comes the Magic Reflect ability.
I bet Almo Cambio is gonna be in high demand. All the stats and abilities makes this guys extremely hard to take out.


Apart from above monsters, other new coming monsters are also pretty amazing especially Nightmare and Charlok Minotaur.


What do you think about the new upcoming reward cards.
Feel free to tell me in comments below!!!



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I really like Almo Cambio too. When it does come out it will be likely cheaper than LA since they are comparable tankers. I will be looking to add Almo for sure. Game is getting exciting again with new reward cards.

I personally expect quite a bit from the Temple Priest. High Magic attack (4 for 5 mana) and the dispel ability make it a very strong card in my opinion :).