Splinterlands: FLESH GOLEM; The Mountain of Flesh

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Evening Splinterlands Fans

Time for the SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge.

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This week battle challenge is about the strong muscular guy, called FLESH GOLEM. FLESH GOLEM is an common earth monster with strong health and decent melee attack. Costing only 6 mana ,it gets Healing ability at level-3 and Void at level-7, making him a perfect tank. I love using it as a tank, especially in low mana battles.

It's a shame that I own only Level-3 FLESH GOLEM(damn should have bought some beta packs earlier). So, I have rented a level-7 FLESH GOLEM for this Week's Battle challenge. Void ability along with Healing makes him pretty resilient against magic attacks.


Currently there are 21,063 normal foil beta FLESH GOLEMs in circulation, costing just 0.13$/BCX. Gold Foils beta FLESH GOLEMs have a total supply of 1,306, trading at 1.38$/BCX. There are 8,357 Alpha edition FLESH GOLEMs in circulation costing 0.62$/BCX. Gold Foil Alpha FLESH GOLEMs are way more costly and less abundant, costing 11$/BCX, with only 542 in circulation.

Here is the all time price trend of Alpha and Beta FLESH GOLEM, courtesy SPLINTX. Notice, Alpha Foil is currently going at all time low.

A flesh.png

B flesh.png


Favored Battle Rules

FLESH GOLEM can be used effectively as a tank, in most of the battle rule sets. But it is especially suited for Rise of the Commons and Lost Legendaries battle rule sets where tank options get limited. It also works well in Armored Up rule set.



FLESH GOLEM, like all tanks is mostly used upfront as a meat shield. It can also be used as a decent sneak protection option in Super Sneak rule set. In Melee Mayhem FLESH GOLEM can be placed anywhere in the lineup.

How to Use

FLESH GOLEM can prove to be pretty resilient tank thanks to Healing and Void abilitie. Some adjustments can keep it alive for as long as possible, inflicting more and more damage to enemy.

  • Using FLESH GOLEM with MYLOR CROWLING summoner makes it a serous threat.

  • Backing FLESH GOLEM with a healer can make it really difficult to kill.

  • Providing FLESH GOLEM with shield by using Protect ability monsters.

  • Positive health attribute from Strengthen ability monsters is a nice ploy, making FLESH GOLEM even more strong.

  • FLESH GOLEM has average speed by default, so speed related attributes like Slow, Swiftness and Blind are always welcome.



The best way to take out FLESH GOLEM is by Affliction to take away the healing ability. Also never focus to much attention on tank, consider attacking enemy back rows.



This was a 22 mana battle with two rules, Earthquake and Aim True.

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Battle Link





I decided to use earth splinter summoner LYANNA NATURA, mainly because of the Earthquake battle rule. Earth splinter offers nice low mana flying monsters.

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Up front I placed my tank, FLESH GOLEM. I could have used NECTAR QUEEN but decided against it due to low mana cap of battle. I was confident that FLESH GOLEM can survive earthquake damage due to healing ability.

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On one down position, I place one of my favorite low mana monster, SCREECHING VULTURE. The Scavenger and Opportunity abilities are a perfect match indeed.

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Next, I place a neutral low mana epic monster, HALFLING ALCHEMIST. I was hoping it could apply Halving, before dying due to earthquake.

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Next, I place another low mana epic monster, BROWNIE. Swiftness and Inspire abilities costing just one mana, who could ask for more?

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On second last, came my favorite earth splinter legendary, SPIRIT OF THE FOREST. She was there to Protect the team and provide CHAIN GOLEM with extra healing it requires to survive the earthquake. Strong ranged Snipe attack, with Tank Heal, Flying and Protect makes her a force to recon with. Also don't overlook the speed factor. Speed of 6 with flying, makes her pretty hard to hit. She is my weapon of choice in most of the earth splinter battles. God, she have won me so many battles.

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On the very last, I placed the zero mana monster, FURIOUS CHICKEN. It can serve as a nice monster to absorb sneak attacks.

158817836372645504 90.png



The battle went by as planed. FLESH GOLEM survived the earthquake thanks to the double healing(Healing and Tank Heal). SCREECHING VULTURE did it's job of taking out the weak monsters. Also notice the HALFLING ALCHEMIST applying Halving before dying. All in all it was a convincing victory. The enemy low mana flying monsters stood no chance against the SCREECHING VULTURE.


My Final Opinion About CHAIN GOLEM

FLESH GOLEM is a great asset to own, especially when it gets the Void ability.


That will be all for today.
Take very good care of yourself and people close to you..
Until next time...


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A pleisure to see such great Battle Challenge posts like yours.



Thanks for sharing! - @xawi

wow you just did a really great job right there. I liked the stats you shared about flesh golem. Yes I do agree with mylor flesh golem can go nuts