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RE: 24 HOURS Left Until the End of Season is Here! Let's Go!!!!!!!!

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I finally made back into champion league!! I’ve only made it once before and that was months ago. I got within 3 !!THREE!! points last season but crashed hard. I guess maybe be I should thank Justin Sun for distracting everyone so I could sneak in? Nah. His unending nonsense has placed me dead center of camp f**k him. Surely I’ve grown as a player. Yeah... that’s probably it. 😁

Also don’t forget to f**k Ned. #fuckyouned

Good luck, everyone!!


Wow!! Congrats to you!!’ That’s awesome! Yeah I hear you on the whole JS war! I am definitely exhausted from it. I hope it all works out for Steem in the end! Have a heat season ending and weekend!

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So exhausted... I kind of took to day off, probably tomorrow, too. But I’m off work Monday & Tuesday so I’ll hit it hard again.

Oh! I don’t know if you’re into podcasts but I listen to behind the bastards hosted by Robert Evans, who is kind of anarchistic leaning with over 60k followers. I reserved a Steem account in his name and I’ve been slinging stuff about the takeover his way all week. Yesterday he reached out to inquire about it, followed me, and I dm’d him his account keys.

I really hope he’s looking into it. This is the kind of thing his show is all about. I think it could draw a lot of attention. He hadn’t done anything with his account yet last I checked but I’m following him and humbly request everyone else make him feel welcome. He has a couple of shows. The other is worst year ever. It’s a deep dive into political candidates/issues. Definitely the kind of attention we want to get.