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RE: 100+ views for dropping a link in the right place? BEAT THE ALGORITHMS

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Sweet! One thing is to understand that the post was relevant to the group another thing is to understand that spamming unnecessaryily would not do the trick. Facebook have these mad policies but then finding the right post for the right group or discussion is key. The result seems overwhelming when do rightly. You're doing an amazing work on naturalmedicine and hive cross culture.


Thanks man, it’s a lot to balance but it’s worth it. I really wanna see Hive grow, I’ve gotten so much from the people and the self exploration that the payout is just an afterthought already.

There’s a lot of good energy for outreach but I feel like it’s not always very well strategized. I’m not the best at strategy but I keep experimenting.

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No one's best at strategy, experimentation makes us better at what we do, it's totally worth it if due process is followed and anything for the growth of hive. I believe individually we can all contribute to the growth of hive. It's a decentralised setting and there's no limitations to what we can do.

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