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RE: 100+ views for dropping a link in the right place? BEAT THE ALGORITHMS

in HivePosh3 months ago

The tactics is a very fabulous one and I've always known that Facebook is a place where people jump around freely from 1 posts another. Some people even have a personal account that can give them that level of audience in few hours but the only problem is that many people are becoming weary of clicking URLs that will redirect them to an unknown place.

That's exactly where your idea comes in with a lot of solution.

Just dropping the link and asking them to jump in will only make it a thrash but if it can be presented with a catchy header image and something like a snippet that will make them to feel like jumping in, l believe that it will draw alot if attention to this place.

Of course, we don't expect them to come and follow us immediately but if they see something like that repeatedly and they value the information that they are getting, it will serve as a great push for them to ask further questions in order to become a part of what is going on in Hive


Exactly 2-3 people posting great stuff in the same group sparsely with some decent commentary could really get people to notice our projects. Even just one person doing it over months could.

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