Good growth (Next Colony)

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Hello friends of the universe. I managed to reach the rank 2 in Next Colony, is something that fills me with emotion, it is not easy to say that you have managed to be in this position, you must devote a lot of time to the game to get there and at least I have already achieved rank 2, I thought it was impossible but good has been given and I have enjoyed it and I want to share that joy with you. Thanks to my family for supporting me and helping me with some work, without them and my friends who have taught me about the game I could not have done it, so I dedicate this small achievement to them, yes, to you, Thank you! I hope to stay among the top of the rank and every day learn more about this wonderful game that I hope fence improving and offer every day improvements to be established and this among the favorites of all of us who make life in steemit. Thank you for reading and I hope you enter Next Colony if you are still not here so here you have the link:

It looks quality my image there in the rank 2


All the images were taken from the computer screen, in the Next Colony game, in which we recognize the copyrights of those beautiful works of art. Thank you.

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