Ideas to start playing at Next Colony.

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Captain's log: The Mines

Greetings, my dear friends of the grand universe. Ideas to start playing at Next Colony. The mines are the most important thing in the game when you start, many make the big mistake of starting to climb everything even and therefore take much longer to achieve progress in the game. To see results in a shorter time must begin to produce what they need most, resources, these resources are achieved with the mines, so if you start in Next Colony, you must keep that in mind. But to climb the mines you must go up the skill that is the one that appears in the main image and the mine buildings that are the ones that will give you the production, you know you go up the skill, you wait for the resources and you go up the building, in that order with zero deposits, it holds you as up to level 4 of mines and if you are not going to leave it for long time, 8 hours, because they will be filled but if for the day and to be pending because in principle it is short the time that they last to update and to pass to the next level, when arriving to the 4, you raise a level the deposits, to the 6 to 2 and so on.

Tomorrow I will explain better the deposits, so this pending, and do not hesitate to ask, I will try to guide you to achieve better result and enter the game, Next Colony is a game for people with patience, at first late but then things happen, so start in this game that promises the future when the market begins and rewards, I hope you will start to see us in the galaxy, and make alliance if you want, then you must create wonders of the universe that require a lot of resources and depending on the prizes will be for those who achieve that task. You must enter the game, it is free and you must not pay anything, of course there is the option to buy items in the game, but only if you want, but you can play without spending or if you like to invest what you want in things in the store, I will explain later.

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If you want to play one of the best games in the universe, here you have the address: Next Colony

@willsaldeno Next Colony gamer.
Captain out!

All images: Souse Next Colony game screen shot, all copyrights of the images are recognized to the Next Colony game.

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