Girl on Fire

Girl on Fire was created by Aleksandra Shiga (@atanvardo) and is part of her Splinterartists “Summoners” Collection. Girl on Fire is a limited edition NFT with only 25 editions available... About Aleksandra: I have been working in the graphic design field for over 7 years and art has always been a part of my life, though I never actually went to an art school. Until I graduated university, I spent most of my free time on painting or drawing on the computer and taught myself by practicing or entering online classes. After that I started to slowly build my experience working on game, movie and book development projects. My main inspirations are movie concept artists, such as Iain McCaig or Nathan Fowkes. The storytelling aspect of an illustration has always been the most appealing to me, also as a part of the creation process. When I first discovered Splinterlands I knew it was the kind of game I would get hooked on instantly. It had this fantasy vibe that I like and something unique about the character designs and lore. I started taking part in the weekly Art Contest at Splintertalk and enjoyed creating fan art of my favorite characters until I received an offer to create a whole set of illustrations to be made into NFT art. In my collection I decided to include three summoners from each main set that has been released to this day - Beta, Untamed and Chaos Legion. I also wanted to have at least one summoner of each splinter. Then it all came down to the summoners I liked best, either because of their interesting design or because I just enjoyed playing with them. To put it simply, this collection is the result of just me being a huge fan of the game and having fun showing these characters in a more realistic style... Tarsa: Tarsa looks like she could be Malric’s daughter, only her power is still young and could explode at any moment. She could burn whole cities with a snap of her fingers and it seems she would be quick to do so if angered. I wanted to show her unleashed power as well as her innocent, school girl appearance.
Collection: Splinterartists
Total Edition(s): 25
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splinterartists 5 Private 20000 SPT ($20.000)
splinterartists 6 Private 20000 SPT ($20.000)
splinterartists 7 Private 20000 SPT ($20.000)
splinterartists 8 Private 20000 SPT ($20.000)
splinterartists 9 Private 20000 SPT ($20.000)
splinterartists 10 Private 20000 SPT ($20.000)
abrockman 4 Private 60000 SPT ($60.000)
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