Cailleach Bheur

Official Splinterlands fan art created by @lotter! Splinterchampion is an official Splinterlands account created for selected Art Contest Winner’s NFTs… ABOUT LOTTER: "Hi, I’m Raden or can be referred as Lotter in Hive/Splinterland community. I’m a full time illustrator based in Malaysia. I’ve decided to share my passion in creating original designs or fanarts for Splinterlands as the communty is really supportive and welcoming and I fell in love with the game, especially the gameplay, lore, and character design. The artwork I’ve made is an original design, it was designed to be an imagination of how the future legendary summoners could look like. Cailleach Bheur is a legendary water summoner, it’s pretty expensive with it’s 8 mana, however she can buff her army with additional melee attacks and providing them with shield and void armor. She’s a divine goddess of winter, shaping the mountains and valleys to serve as her stepping stones."
Collection: Splinterchampions
Total Edition(s): 50
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splinterchampion 4 Private 15000 SPT ($18.219)
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splinterchampion 6 Private 15000 SPT ($18.219)
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splinterchampion 8 Private 15000 SPT ($18.219)
splinterchampion 9 Private 15000 SPT ($18.219)
splinterchampion 10 Private 15000 SPT ($18.219)
abrockman 3 Private 45000 SPT ($54.658)
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