Official Splinterlands fan art created by @yanes94! Splinterchampion is an official Splinterlands account created for selected Art Contest Winner’s NFTs… ABOUT YANES94: Hello! Trizdraw here! I am a Freelancer Artist from Venezuela. Hive has practically been my cradle and over the years it has seen me grow. Currently I dedicate myself to making characters, Nft Art, commissions and some personal projects. I usually create or experiment with different themes in the Nft, but I really enjoy when I make characters -Fanart in this case- because I love how fanciful they can be. Over time I have seen and made several Fanart of this game but when I saw this and read the story, I fell in love! I liked it a lot and I thought it could be a good choice, I tried to get into her skin and understand what she represented in the game. To be honest, it is the biggest piece I have ever done, to which I added many elements to accompany and complement the history of this queen and thus express a little -according to my imagination- what she would be like.
Collection: Splinterchampions
Total Edition(s): 50
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splinterchampion 4 Private 15000 SPT ($0.000)
splinterchampion 5 Private 15000 SPT ($0.000)
splinterchampion 6 Private 15000 SPT ($0.000)
splinterchampion 7 Private 15000 SPT ($0.000)
splinterchampion 8 Private 15000 SPT ($0.000)
splinterchampion 9 Private 15000 SPT ($0.000)
splinterchampion 10 Private 15000 SPT ($0.000)
abrockman 3 Private 45000 SPT ($0.000)
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@druidsblood bought edition #1 from @splinterchampion for 15000.000 SPT
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