River Nymph

Official Splinterlands fan art created by @brataka! Splinterchampion is an official Splinterlands account created for selected Art Contest Winner’s NFTs… ABOUT BRATAKA:
Greetings, I’m Brataka, an art lover, since I was a child I’ve liked to draw, however all the artistic progress I’ve had was thanks to the support and inspiration I found when I came to Hive and Splinterlands, during these two years I’ve been looking for a semi realistic art style linked to anime. River Nymph is one of my favorite characters in Splinterlands because of her magnificent story, a powerful magical river-dwelling fairy who helps the needy in difficult times, even her skills are really good, someday I would like to level her up to the highest level.
Collection: Splinterchampions
Total Edition(s): 50
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splinterchampion 4 Private 15000 SPT ($13.091)
splinterchampion 5 Private 15000 SPT ($13.091)
splinterchampion 6 Private 15000 SPT ($13.091)
splinterchampion 7 Private 15000 SPT ($13.091)
splinterchampion 8 Private 15000 SPT ($13.091)
splinterchampion 9 Private 15000 SPT ($13.091)
splinterchampion 10 Private 15000 SPT ($13.091)
abrockman 3 Private 45000 SPT ($39.274)
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@abrockman bought edition #3 from @splinterchampion for 15000.000 SPT
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@abrockman bought edition #2 from @splinterchampion for 15000.000 SPT
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@druidsblood bought edition #1 from @splinterchampion for 15000.000 SPT
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