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I waited way too long to start playing Splinterlands but once I did it quickly got me hooked as a gamer who used to enjoy playing Hearthstone. I've been saving up a lot of reward cards and want to put them to good use and delegate them out to anyone who wants to try out the game for free using my Referral Link

I'm always up for a win-win deal and Splinterlands is pretty much the only thing I can honestly recommend on the Steem Blockchain right now. I recently made a Season Earnings Report where I managed to earn a total of 47.411$ in 15 days playing 2 accounts that combined have a ~400$ card collection value. Before when my card collection was 275$ I also tracked my earnings during a week which added up to 17.89$ (See Post). The returns will inevitably come down as the game gets more adoption, but it's still very early on with a mobile version on the way. My aim now is to get some referrals under my account and track my overall splinterlands earnings each month the entire year and continue to grow.

Splinterland Basics

Splinterlands is a Collectible Card Game similar to Healthstone and Magic The Gathering with the difference that you own your cards on the blockchain and can actually sell them getting back what you invested and possibly more at any given time or when you decide to stop playing. It's also possible to rent out cards to players earning passive returns.

Splinterlands runs on the Steem Blockchain which is excellent tech-wise having free and instant transfers which allows the game to run extremely smooth. The game itself is "Easy to Learn & Hard to Master" (see Game Rules) with a "Pay-to-Earn" aspect to it as you will need a bigger collection if you want to be able to compete in the Higher leagues and get bigger earnings from playing the game.

It is possible to grind your way up there with just the starter pack grinding the daily quests and buying cards with the DEC you earn by playing especially if you are able to start out with considerably more cards.

Free Steem Account

In order to play the game, you need an account on the Steem blockchain. Creating an account is not free as it requires some initial Steem delegation in order to be able to transact on the blockchain. It is possible to sign up for a free account on Steemit but it can take a while before it gets approved. Buying a 10$ Splinterlands Starter pack also gets you a free account. By far the easiest way to get an instant free account is by getting an invite code. I can send you one if you want, just contact me on the SBC Discord Server (My username is costanza#2335) and I will help you get a Free Account.

Splinterlands Free To Play

Splinterlands is a Free To Play Game once you have a Steem Account. When you log in, you will see that you have the basic set of cards available to play. These cards are leased out to you meaning you can only use them without being able to sell them. This way you are able to test out the game to see if you like it. If you want to compete in the ranked games earning Reward Cards from the Daily Quests along with earning Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) which is the native in-game currency for each winning, game you will need to purchase a 10$ Starter Pack. To grow your collection afterward to get higher up in the ranks it's possible to buy Card Packs which have a chance to contain really rare and valuable cards or buy/sell individual cards on the market.

Referral Sign-Up Deal

If you sign up with my Referral Link, I will lease you a bunch of extra cards which should give you a nice early game advantage. I play the game daily and always check on my affiliates so you should get the extra cards leased out to you within 24hours after signing up. These are the cards everyone who signs up will get regardless of getting a Starter Pack or not...

If you end up getting the Starter Pack to Unlock Daily Quests and DEC Earnings I will lease out these extra cards...

I have some more cards in limited amount I'm able to lease out, Feel free to let me know which one you want and I'll also lease that out if it's still available...

I'll leave the leases in place until I run out of the cards. The absolute minimum lease period will be at least an entire season. Feel free to browse my collection and let me know if there is anything I have double you could use.

Good Luck, Enjoy the game and try not to get addicted :-)



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These are some sweet cards that you are offering to play. Smart move.


What a great Splinterlands post! An upvote is on the way!

Thanks @clove71 !

I managed to get a couple to try out the game and plan to do some more efforts to promote it in the coming months. Pretty much everyone who tries it out loves it but getting people outside of the Steem ecosystem to give it a god seems to be the main challenge right now.

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