SM card and 20 DEC giveaway #2 - Steem Monster battle and daily reward - 19 Jul 2019

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Hello, Splinters


The Giveaway

In today's giveaway, you can choose one of these cards

  • Goblin Mech
  • Creeping Ooze
  • Vampire

  • Also, the winner will receive 20 DEC (DARK ENERGY CRYSTALS) as an additional bonus.

To participate please leave a comment with the card you want and your username in Steem Monsters if it's different than your steem user.

Winner will be draw tomorow before my next post

And the winner from SM card and 20 DEC giveaway #1
is @che-shyr


comment link Card sent, Token sent. You can view it in your account.

Congratulation @che-shyr!


The battles

Today I have another quest with my most strong Splinter, that I have. Earth Splinter Lyanna Natura. This time I made 9 battle to pass the quest 5 wins and 4 loses. Here is my last battle under Back to Basics: ": Monsters lose all abilities. ruls. I even don't see it and pick up fast some cards to at the last moment Dilect link


The reward

Nothing extraordinary. I think I already have a subscription for these cards :)


Keep playing!

earn crypto

What is Steem Monsters?

Register to play


Vampire will be just fine

Thank you for participating. Good luck!

Creeping Oozee :)

Thank you for participating. Good luck!

Goblin Mech

Thank you for participating. Good luck!

Thanks for the card!
Voting for Creeping Ooze today.

You are welcome. Congratulation again.