Sunday Steem Monsters giveaway #1 - My Last battle and daily rewards

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Hello, Splinters and crypto lovers

I was thinking about how to organize my #contest/ #giveaway and I decide to make it weekly with better rewards. I'll draw 5 winners randomly (with steem comment picker )for each of the rewards.

Let's get started!


The Giveaway

You can enter form 21 to 27 July. 5 winners will be announced next Sunday 27 July. And here are the prizes:

  • Daria Dragonscale - EPIC Dragon Summoner
  • Flame Imp - RARE Fire Monster
  • 200 DEC - Dark Energy Crystals
  • 100 DEC - Dark Energy Crystals
  • 50 DEC - Dark Energy Crystals

To participate just leave a comment to this post or tell me: What is your favorite Steem Engine Tribes?


  • User reputation 25 and above
  • One account one comment (your username in Steem Monsters if it's different than your steem user.)
  • No upvote | No follow | No resteeem are required

Good luck!



The Battles

Today's quest was under the: Stir the Volcano - Win 5 ranked battles with the Fire Splinter. Again I played with Malric Inferno . Here is my last battle under Silenced Summoners : Summoners do not give any stat buffs or debuffs rules.


The reward

I'm still in silver II league and rewards are 3 cards, but today is Sunday and there was gold in the chest .



Keep playing!

earn crypto


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Palnet maybe

The first one that I saw and get interested in tribes.
Thanks for participation. Good luck!

palnet and zzan. I can post anything on them

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Thanks for participation. Good luck!

Is it a fact about Sunday Gold or is it a fiction on your part?

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No Just luck :). Good things happen on Sunday, sh** happen on Monday. Good luck

Palnet, sportstalk, spt, neoxian. I see you use Marlians as well. What's that for!! Do many tribes I can't keep up!

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#marlians started a few days ago. I keep tracking the tribes here . Good luck

Awesome thanks for the link. Are they specific to a niche though? Gaming, etc?

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think this article will help you

Awesome!! Thanks for the info!

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I like death and earth but I need that new card from the orbs with heal to make my death team stronger and he is legendary so hard to get.

Thanks for participation. Good luck!

I'm in :) Daria would make me very happy :)

Thanks for participation. Good luck!

Palnet, leo, spt, battle, good game.
Btw, I see you use 9 tags under your post, when I can choose only 5... Tell me the secret, please!

Yee lots of tribes lots of tags. I saw from actifit app that you can add more than 5 tags so I put more in and it's work. Maybe from other tribes platforms is possible too.
Thanks for participation. Good luck!

Thanks for giveaway
Daria is good card.

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You are welcome! Thanks for participation.
Good luck!

the best investment sharing tribes to write!

I like LEO too. Most of the tribe news is there.
Thanks for participation. Good luck!

Thanks for the giveaway. the whole tribes thing is getting a bit out of hand for me to be honest. 😊

I think this is steem network future. Thanks for participation. Good luck!

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Thank you very much, guys :)

nice collection of tags there... I think i have some of them staked.

my sm account name is same.

And you have an awesome collection of stakes. Thanks for participation. Good luck!

neoxag and steemleo tribe are top on my list as i love investing and secondly gaming communities splintertalk and steemace.

Thanks for participation.
Good luck!

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great giveaway, thanks!

You are welcome! Thanks for participation.
Good luck!