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kymaticus reward.png

You may think that you can't find good rewards when you are playing a starter deck only

Recently I decided to start playing my alt accounts every now and then, to practice my skills a bit more when the cards have almost no abilities. Even though it means opening only 1 card per daily quest, I decided to at least retrieve the quest and see if I feel like playing it in between the daily tasks. If the quest takes too long, I leave it, and try changing it the next day. In a few accounts there are a few reward cards extra, but others only have the starter set. So the splinters are really basic, and there are no epics or legendaries available in there. The first one I played today went super smooth, it took me 10 minutes to complete the quest, and there was one card waiting for me. I noticed it was a legendary, and got quite excited finding out it was the latest edition of the reward cards, the Fallen Specter. I moved it to another account, to put it in the rental market.

Want to try out this card? You can rent it for only $ 0.01 / day

fallen rental.png

I decided to put this level 1 card in the rental market for only $ 0.01 a day, with a $ 0.07 escrow. So if you feel like testing it out, go ahead. I didn't play it myself, therefore it's not in cooldown! Maybe you get take it for a test drive before I take one myself...

There's more good news for me today..

I'm used to opening the worst rewards on my main account, with some exceptions lol.. But today was different! Not only did I get a Ruler of the Seas (still waiting for the Gold foiled one!!!) but I also got a shiny archer in there. So as you can see, this was a nice day for me opening my rewards.

anouk rewards.png

Did you also have a good day opening your rewards? And did you already find a Fallen Specter in your season or daily quest rewards? I'd love to hear what you think of it..


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That's a really good point, if the cards are max level how can you practice bronze or silver level abilities?

greetings, @anouk.nox.spt

Excelent card that you won. I just won 1 furios chicken. I am waiting for more cards

Congrats on your card! What an awesome post! :-) I like this card!
Mischievous Mermaid (802px, 10fps).gif

Thanks @clove71 :) I haven't tried it myself yet.. waiting until I have a few more :)

That is awesome to see!!