I Don't Understand This Flat-Bill Hat Thing...

in splinterlands •  last year 

These hats are weird...

Don't get me wrong. The embroidery is fantastic and the quality is great...

Carrie looks good in it... She looks good in all hats...

...But what if I try the other hat and Carrie turns around so we only see the back of her head? Nope, she still wears it better.

What, am I supposed to turn it sideways?

Seriously. I have no idea how to wear these kind of hats. If any of you young whippersnappers want to give me pointers, I'll happily upvote you for some SPT!


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You've got to sort of put it on in reverse. Not backwards, but drop set it in reverse like soldering microprocessors onto a circuit board, but in this case it's a hat on your head. Well, you know what I mean.

That flat bill has to become a rounded bill! Squeeze and bend with hands until effect! Carrie will still look better, but your hat will get a little cooler ;)

hahaha actually suits @carrieallen alot! maybe turn your hat around and see if it looks better??

You two are adorable. And I always bend the bills, I don’t get the flat thing either. 🤣

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I agree. I always feel weird wearing the flat bills. Not bending the bill seems wrong to me. Plus the flat bills are usually shorter. But isn’t the point to block out the sun?

Regardless, I think you should cut a hole in the top of the hat, then grow a top-knot through it. That should fix the issue with the bill.

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Nice hats!
Water Elemental (803px, 10fps).gif

Sweet hats! I always found flat bill hats are best worn backwards.. seriously though, awesome hats!

Yea, I'm all about that trucker bend in the bill.
Ya gotta break it in.