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RE: Reminder: $772 USD Up For Grabs In Just Two Days!

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Thank you for this, but I wonder if you know of any information about what type of deck I need to compete in these? I have gotten up to golden leagues but I die first round in silver tournaments....

I feel like there is something I am not understanding.


Getting to Gold with silver level or even Bronze level cards is easy to do compared to using underpowered cards in tournaments and being successful in doing so. In most cases one needs the max leveled monsters in their collection in which a specific tournament is being played to be competitive. There's exceptions to this rule. One exception being picking a great counter to a team that is more leveled than your own.

Summoner limits for Silver are:
Common: 5
Rare: 4
Epic: 3
Legendary: 2

I would recommend you have at least 2 summoners at the Silver limits at the above levels (more if possible as not all Splinters are active for battle) and some monsters maxed to each summoners capabilities. The good thing about the upcoming tournaments advertised in this topic is top 64 pay so its possible to sneak to the pay levels with some underpowered teams.

In short, if they're free to enter for you than you lose nothing by doing so expect for possibly a battle or two so I would recommend giving them a shot if you got the time to do so.