Steemmonsters Challenge --- Steemmonsters x Krosmaster Arena on line

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Greetings, people from @steemmonsters, @splinterlands, @steem-ace and @battlegames

Today, i will made a post comparing this 2 fabulous game and then, i will put my opinion why 1 of them is the best of the best!!!!


So, lets talk first about Krosmaster Arena on line:

Krosmaster Arena is an online board game that can be played on the official website and also by customers of DOFUS and WAKFU games.

Beginners receive 4 digital stickers by default and can now start their adventures! But if you don't want to be just in the pattern, remember that other digital stickers can be purchased at DOFUS, WAKFU or also via Kroz at Kroshop.

If you have never played, there are several tutorials teaching you how to play the game. It is very simple to learn. The mechanism is similar to that of SteemMonsters.

The more we play, the better monster cards we can buy or buy on the market.

What I particularly like about this game is its engine. The game is in 3D and it's really cool to see the dolls moving. Take a look at the youtube video:

See how fun and interesting the battle is in 3D?

Nowwwwwww, lets talk about SteemMonsters:

As you all know, Steemmonsters is a blockchain steem game that is played with cards. We have Summoners who act as summoners for battle cards. There are 6 splinters in the game: Fire, Water, Life, Nature, Death and Dragon Splinter. Each splinter has its particularities, both advantages and disadvantages. The attacks can be physical, magical or made by snipers. In addition, there are other types of play such as counter attacks or attacks made when a monster dies in battle. This Steemmonsters engine is very interesting because it is a game made for strategists. It is no use just having the best cards in the game, you have to think hard to build a good team to win battles.

Take a look at a battle:

You saw how interesting it is. Unfortunately, the battle does not take place in 3D, but her 2D is very well done.

Now, I'll tell you why I chose SteemMonsters as the best card game.


There are several ways to make money here in this game. I will quote some that I remember:

1- Posting about the game and receiving votes for it, on the blockchain steem.

2- Doing the daily quests, receiving the cards and selling them.

3- Participating in contests that SteemMonsters does that vote on posts or packs. When we open the packs, we get 5 cards in each one. We can either keep the cards to use in the game or sell them.

4- Receiving the season rewards, which are a high number of cards depending on our position this season. we can sell the cards too.

5- Playing and winning decs. Dec is the currency of the SteemMonsters game. We can exchange it for steem and then convert it into a Fiat currency.

Remembering that the value of the cards is in dollar.

That's it folks, this is my comparison and the reason I choose this beautiful game to always play. In addition to being a lot of fun, we make money playing it, while in the others, we pay to play !!!

I hope you enjoyed it and wish you a good game !!!!


Oh! That other game does look fun! I do like the 3D gameplay.
But yes, Splinterlands still takes the cake!
Great comparison. Thanks for sharing!


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thank tyou, dear @carrieallen

This game looks interesting but like you said, with Splinterlands we can actually earn money! Regarding the 3D look, I am actually not a big fan of 3D and think 2D works great for us.


thank you a lot