Chaos Summoners in Bronze, Silver and Gold



In this post, we look at how the new summoners perform in the Bronze, Silver and Gold leagues. The data presented here consist of around 100.000 matches for each summoner in Bronze and Silver, and up to 10.000 matches for each in Gold. First, the win-rates of the summoners will be presented, and then we look at how people play the summoners in the Silver league. Silver is chosen for the deck analysis here because most players have aquired leveled Chaos summoners/monsters yet. The deck analysis is also relevant for bronze league because the monsters used in silver is still mostly level 1.

Win rates

Bronze Win RateSilver Win RateGold Win Rate
Kelya Frendul51.3%52.1%35.0%
General Sloan43.7%47.4%29.8%
Thaddius Brood54.7%48.9%31.5%
Quix the Devious66.7%57.9%44.3%

Number of matches sampled

Bronze Games SampledSilver Games SampledGold Games Sampled
Kelya Frendul90152826687441
General Sloan76303521637346
Thaddius Brood127220717105272
Quix the Devious18800964

In Bronze, Obsidian and Thaddius Brood perform best. Magic is very strong generally, hence Obsidian's win rate. Thaddius Brood is a counterpick to Obsidian, and also comes out strong in Bronze. Tarsa and Kelya hover close to 50% win rate, while General Sloan does not do well at all.

In Silver, Tarsa and Kelya Frendul do a bit better, while Thaddius Brood has dropped significantly in win rate. General Sloan takes a massive step up, but is still the worst of the Chaos summoners overall. Quix the Devious sees some play in Silver League, and performs better than any of the others. His win rate sits at 57.9% in Silver based on 800 games, which is quite impressive.

Finally, for Gold it is pretty clear that more time is needed for the player base to acquire more refined decks and strategies. These win rates are worse than anything that has shown up in our previous analyses. Only Quix the Devious is anywhere close to 50% win rate at the moment. We will look back at gold later, once players have had some more time to work out their decks.

Silver League card statistics

Next, we look at which cards are the most popular for the Chaos summoners. The results below are all for Silver league, since Gold is not yet useful for analysis of these summmoners. For each summoner, we also list the top ten cards by win rate. Some of the top 10 cards do not have huge play rates, which should be taken into consideration.



In silver league, Tarsa can be counted on to play the three cards Living Lava, Serpentine Spy, and Tenyii Striker. These form the core which she varies the rest of the deck around. Her ability synergizes greatly with these three cards, giving all of them +1 melee damage as well as +1 HP which is especially useful for Living Lava and Serpentine Spy. These three cards have positive win rates, so the setup is likely a good basis for most players. Supplementing these three with additional backline hitters (Sneak, Opportunity) is a recipe for success in Silver, as the top win-rate cards below indicate.

Tarsa top 10 cards by win rate:

The number of low mana cards in the top ten list strongly suggests that Tarsa likes low mana battles the most.

Kelya Frendul


Kelya Frendul is the new water summoner, who provides +1 speed and +1 armor. Kelya can to a large extent adapt previous Bortus deck strategies, with a few different options available with the new chaos cards. The most popular, and hugely successful, card for Keyla is Deeplurker. High damage Opportunity is very powerful, and the results speak for themselves. Diemonshark, on the other hand, is not that successful, but also very popular. Merdaali Guardian is used for its Tank Heal ability. It does seem that the player base has not decided whether Diemonshark or Serpent of Eld is the right default tank (Oshannus is also an opportunity, perhaps a better one given the results). Whichever tank, Flying Squid is a powerful second position to use.

Top ten cards by win rate for Kelya Frendul:



Obsidian was generally expected to be very powerful before the launch of Chaos Legion, and she delivers as expected. The f2p set has a powerful combo in the three most popular cards shown in the graph: Goblin Psychic, Mycelic Slipspawn and Regal Peryton. All three are are magic cards. Mycelic Slipspawn is a huge tank with Taunt and a bunch of HP. It is supported by Goblin Psychic with Tank Heal, and Regal Peryton provides some damage in addition to an off-tank role with pretty good chance to avoid ranged or melee hits.

Top ten cards by win rate for Obsidian:

General Sloan


General Sloan forms his strategy around two cards. Pelacor Arbalest, who at level 1 has Double Strike and 3 damage, and Shieldbearer (with Taunt) to give Pelacor Arbalest time to shred through the opponent. Venari Crystalsmith is used to keep Shieldbearer alive longer with Tank Heal, and the team is generally filled out with as many basic ranged units as mana allows.

Top ten cards by win rate for General Sloan:

Thaddius Brood


Thaddius Brood tends to play Cursed Windeku every single game. With almost 80& play rate, you should always try to account for it if you face Thaddius Brood. Cursed Winkedu has Thorns at level 1, and 9 HP to go with it, so it is a pretty great card to start out with. Most players love to back up the Windeku with Silent Sha-vi and Life Sapper. Silent Sha-vi is a fast Sneak card, that can quickly take out the opponents backline.

Top 10 cards by win rate:

A thing to note about the top 10 cards for Thaddius is that Riftwing is the second most successful card, beat only by Ancient Lich. Apparently, people have not realised just how powerful this card is in Silver League. With 5 health, Flying and Scavenger, this card can be a very powerful staller in low to medium mana matches. It is even more powerful in Earthquake and Poison matches, where you can count on monsters falling quickly and charging up your Riftwing. It is a great card. Use it!

Quix the Devious


Quix the Devious is a legendary summoner and can therefore play leveled cards, which is seen in his card statistics. He loves Djinn Chwala, and has great success with it in Silver league. Apart from the Djinn, a wide variety of cards is played with Quix. There are a bunch of powerful cards on the list, including Chaos Dragon, Doctor Blight, Desert Dragon, Void Dragon etc.

Top 10 cards by win rate for Quix the Devious:

Apparently, Quix the Devious has a pretty good time with the water deck.

Closing Remarks

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Rule set strategies
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Cool stats you've shown us here! It seems Chaos legion cards are finding their place in Earth and Death Deck (maybe Dragons too?) while still struggling to find there places in other splinters.


Great info. Love seeing data like this. Thanks.


I'd put 0 stock in the Quix results, as anyone playing him likely have beaucoup bucks, whereas all the others are free at level 1. So any winrate difference is probably because of the size of the back bench rather than inhernet goodness of Quix.

How are the top 10 by winrate determined? Is it the differnce between winning and losing usage rates?

I'll second riftwing! I did a whole post on how much I like it ( Hopefully this gets it some more exposure!

What are your thoughts on Sloane? That at level 1 he is underperforming? That people aren't using him well? Or that range damage is just not strong enough on its own?


You have a point with Quix, and you see from the card chart that people play very powerful cards with him. But the stats are still helpful if you see that your opponent plays him.

The card win rates are related to the chats as the ratio of the height of the blue bar to the sum of the two bars: blue_bar_height / (blue_bar_height+red_bar_height). I could present the data for win rate directly but its often dominated by cards with low play rates and therefore very sensitive to how large my dataset is.

With regards to Sloan, I think that he has two problems at the moment: 1: He needs to play Shieldbearer, otherwise his damage just dies of too fast. This means that he can only really play at somewhat high mana. 2: Shieldbearer is weak against magic teams, who are very popular and very good at high mana. If life still had access to Clay Golem in its base set, I think we would see quite a bit higher win rates.

Thanks for your interest! :)


Thanks for the detail! That's what I thought, but wasn't sure. It'd be cool to see that number for the cards you show, to get an idea of what win rates they're getting.

And very true on Sloan! I was trying to figure out which Alpha and Beta cards to get that fill a niche not otherwise filled (I main Death and Life), and Clay Golem was one of the few that didn't really have an equivalent newer card. I need to get some for myself and then maybe spec on it as well.


The win rates of each of the Chaos Legion summoners per league is data to help fuel success in a Splinterlands strategy!

I came here from Splinterlands Guides Youtube

Thankyou for sharing your time and perspective.
I've shared this in the Yield Guild Games Splinterlands Discord and Splintertalk community.