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RE: Splinterlands Emoji: Spirit of the Forest

in #splinterlands β€’ last year (edited)

β€πŸ™‹ I love Her, haha and the Nature Splinter ! Do you happen to have one for the Water Splinter @nateaguila !? I would to use it as my little thumbnail photo to change up my Mermaid pic! upped πŸ’― and resteemed!β€πŸ‘Ή
I think I found all the ones you created now except for Water, I guess you will create that one next! Great job , following you now!5ShzsKnKF7vpzMuaGcyF2dJmceJpu3g37XcbCxfYizb7Fz35m93abdk1t5FTuGDZsVKCmwwZTfjVGyQkx1o7hhQfSTADoeoMLEprNUSdxaupEEMamVJksp14tvqddxVJeuqSxGFW95T16erUBCuziXcA.png