A Splinterlands Beginner's Guide You can Bank On!

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First things first, if you're not a member of splinterlands please help support the site by joining under our link:
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One more graphic to help you get the picture:


Now what cards do you buy if you're new? Yep, I got you covered:

Next, how do you grow into a bronze champion?

Do you need help with hive key chain or hivesigner:
The way you login to https://cardauctionz.com/market

The key is knowing how to get your private keys to your splinterlands account which you may request once from splinterlands in the top right menu or by looking into lost password from the splinterlands site itself.

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here is a new clue for the main game:
<personally I think one of the monsters is ugly, beautiful artwork of course, but this little creature didn't get the handsome or pretty gene>

If you win cryptic clues not only will you get the glory but you'll get a huge boost to your card collection!


Once again you rock Marcus!!! Keep it up, you are leading the way forward :)

Thanks so much for commenting. You're appreciated.