Splinterlands Twitter Contest!

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Thanks to @irishgirlcrypto here on Steemit and on Twitter (Same Handle)

We are having another fun contest to win some @splinterlands UNTAMED Packs and Starter Codes.

This is a great way to get people into the game (and the steem blockchain) shhhhh, they don't need to know ;)

If you're interested, please check out this twitter link and RT it if you can. Every Follow and RT helps spread the word!

Good luck to everyone! Happy Holidays!


Excelent, @reseller

Do you know when aidrops will start???

thank you

I believe the air drops have started.

Thanks for the giveaway. Retweeted and liked! 😊

Thanks for the support!

Awesome contest! I am still getting used to battling with all the great new cards!

Retweeted and liked :0)

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