Splinterlands AMA Replay February 5th, 2021

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Replay of the AMA with the Splinterlands founders, recorded on february 5th 2021.

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Replay of the AMA with the founders of the Splinterlands blockchain game, recorded on February 5th 2021.

During this AMA, any questions about the current mechanics or future plans can be asked and they are answered by the Splinterlands founders to the best of their knowledge. The AMA's are a way to share ideas, get updates, give feedback etc. on things that are happening or are going to happen some time in the future.

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Timestamps to guide you through the video:
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0:01 Intro: Intro: Game stats, crypto market stats

2:47 Q: Have you placed your PAL on the splinterlands market??

3:15 Q: Any idea on when and how SPT will be integrated in the game?

5:16 Q: would you mind re-iterating your Mav response regarding ADDING another flight for ranked when the new card set is released? And clarify that the older versions will still be playable in Ranked play?

13:23 Q: How many people are working full time on Splinterlands and will more people be added?

14:05 Q: About the wild and classic version, would you be able to enter both of the ranked competitions with the same deck?

15:00 Q: Would you guys be open to the idea of the creation of cards (characters and art) by the community?

18:24 Q: Would it be possibly a way to keep the Alpha and Beta as an alternative card sets with similar stats but not exactly the same thoughts?

19:39 Q: Will the game ever be turn based?

20:50 Q: Will chaos be released the moment untamed sells out? Or will there be a time in between?

21:51 Q: Are you thinking of looking for alternatives to Uniswap as the main markets for DEC?

23:47 Q: Are you planning to exclude Alpha and Beta from standard ranked play at the same time or will Alpha be excluded first?

25:05 Q: Where does the motivation come from to keep a project going even if things aren't going the way you expect?

28:17 Q: The question was asked about the drop rate for the new dice card, was that 1/175 packs? Any news on when the new card will be revealed?

29:16 Q: Are we still on schedules for various projects?

31:33 Q: Would it be possible to make Sit N Go tournaments so every entrant has access to the same cards to use?

32:59 Q: Do you have any plans to delist RAFFLE trading on Hive-Engine?

33:38 Q: Is the land expansion going to be released as a complete idea, or will there be phases?

34:28 Q: How big is each pool (ETH/DEC and DAI/DEC) ight now...

37:58 Q: Any ETA on the new rental system?

38:20 Q: Can we get a shoutout for the proposed NewBoost Idea? (Idea is Basically: The community playing to get DEC and then gift to new players.)

39:44 Q: Can you give a ratio of the active daily spellbooks (humans:bots)?

40:55 Q: Will we be able to use the new rental system without having to go through too much trouble?

41.57 Q: Any plans to get DECs on the alcor exchange?

42.35 Q: Will land come to ETH like cards once claiming land is possible?

43:04 Q: Any plans for new DEC sinks and/or new utility for holding DECs?

44:55 Q: Can we limit the number of channels on this Discord?

45:42 Q: Would you consider a set of summoners that level up when used so that say you get it to level 3 and now it is time to go buy cards to level the rest.

47:00 Q: Wouldn't the new rental system make it a lot easier to bot?

48:29 R: Man you guys are awesome for both always showing up and being consistent with these AMAs! Thank you

49:56 Q: Does integration into other ecosystems take away time & prioritization from game developments? Is there a way to poll the community?

52:39 Q: What happens to the current rentals once the new rental system is implemented?

53:29 Q: Will FARM and MYTHICAL tokens be used to buy Credits for Splinterlands?

54:21 R: Suggestion: revamp the markets pages #alpha and #goldmine seem irrelevant, there should just be want to buy, want to sell, want to trade and feedback

54:51 Q: Is there a way to make sure new players don't run out of RC's?

55:40 Q: For Discord, is there a better policy for how often people should post in the market channels?

56:23 Q: Will the new rental system be implemented straight into the core website? Will this also be implemented on the mobile app?

59:06 Q: When info on new Dice card?

59:20 Q: Do you have a specific currency in mind for the new rental setup?

59:33 Q: Is 'pushing discord to newbies' already implemented?

59:47 R: New Player Boost could be setup with Splinterlands DAO and even other projects.. Like freerolls for non-Spellbook holders

1:00:25 Q: can you buy credits on mobile app? If so, is there an additional fee that apple/google takes for using their marketplace, is that fee covered by the buyer or Splinterlands?

1:01:36 Q: when is the next AMA?

I hope you got some interesting info out of this AMA and will tune in again next week.


Graphic created with The Logo Creator Software

Disclaimer: This video and the timestamps were originally published on my own YouYube Channel


This is awesome!


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Damn you even did time stamps!

someone suggested it, I thought it was a good tip, so I took the time to implement them. Happy I did it - it makes it so easy to send people to the answer tot their question without asking them to spend an hour listening to the entire AMA.
Too bad I can't make them clickable here on Hive like I can on YouTube

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