Splinterland Strategies: Is it the January Sales?

in #splinterlandslast year (edited)

Has anyone noticed cards on the ’used’ marketplace have been going down lately?

With all the hype about the increased activity, I find this a little strange but nevertheless have been taking advantage of cheaper prices.

splinterlands logo.png

Perhaps it's due to the month of January and everyone being broke after the 'thing' we call Christmas. You may guess that I'm not a big fan of the holiday season, besides the time off work we get.

So let me highlight some of the bargains I think are around at present.


Silvershield Bard

I view this promo card from the 'Winds of Change' expansion as the Life version of Brownie. At Level 1 it is an unassuming card that looks like it is of little worth.


At Level 5 she comes alive and bestows the global buff of Speed to all your monsters.

Costing just ONE mana and another ability that is albeit quite narrow (Cleanse), I figure this to be a decent buy.


Silvershield Bard’s are currently selling at 11c, the Earth equivalent that is Brownie sells for 28c.

I figure her to be a decent buff card to place in your mid ranks, especially when playing those low mana games.


Mermaid Healer

I have to ask myself if I have room to fit this card into my Water splinter lineup. At anything less than Level 4 the answer is going to be a resounding NO.


Triage is a decent healing trick than can work as a counter against the scourge of Water Splinter line-ups that is Lord Arianthus.


With the addition of Strength at Level 4, we then get another global buff to your monsters that may overcome that dastardly Lord that everyone uses (including me!).

Until recently Mermaid Healer was around $2 each but with those sales kicking in and you can now pick her up for the bargain price of 80c or so.


Ettin Spearman and Octopider

I categorise these as one, though the former is Common and the latter Rare due to their casting cost and ease of availability.


Both cost a whopping 8 MANA to use but with all these high mana matches I'm getting, I find I'm using both of them more.

Ettin Spearman is great for those on a budget, he’s a big lumbering Cyclops best placed in the mid ranks somewhere and hits hard right from Level 1.

Octopider is a similar card, also ranged like Ettin Spearman. At Level 3 he gains Demorolise, a global debuff for your opponents' melee monsters.


...'Gold Ettin Spearman's are currently very cheap at 59c. Remember they come in at Level 4 and can win you more DEC being Gold'...

Both are cheap and are good targets for those on a budget. Ettin Spearman will set you back around 2c, and Octopider around 10c.

Of course, you can just do the daily quests and get these for FREE if your willing to be patient.


Silvershield Assassin

I had to include this dude, as he's a menace in those big mana games.

At 21c he's expensive for a rare reward card but well worth getting to Level 5 for the treble effects of Sneak, Double Strike and best of all Poison.


Life is supposed to be a squeaky clean splinter and that last effect goes against the grain a little.

I can't tell you how many matches I have won using Poison mostly using the Death Splinter so I took a lot of notice when I spotted the Assassin.


...'He's an evil bastard at Level 5, using sneak, backstabbing and poisoning the bad guys for you'...

I will be gradually levelling mine up as he's a reward card and I get a decent amount of those.

Don't underestimate Double Strike, at Level 5 he's whacking the bad guys for 2 and then 2 again with 2 chances to place that Poison.

Does he fit in the January sales? What is he going to cost when the prices stabilise again?



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I bought those Mermaids for 1.6$ 😓

Btw assassin is a girl ;)

Btw assassin is a girl ;)

Are you sure? never can tell with anime characters.

Very interesting. I am going to have to check some of those out. What does Triage do again specifically? I have been finding some new cards that I really enjoy too. I need to get my levels up on them though.


My only problem with Mermaid is that she too can become a victim of Lord A and his Magic Reflect, but I'm still a fan when playing the Water Splinter.

Gotcha. I just upgraded my other card you mentioned to level 5 using some DEC. I also upgraded that death archer that only costs 2 mana. It looks like at higher levels he has the shield breaker skill and the skill that kills healing is pretty awesome too.

He's useful due to his cost and the ability to kill heals. I use one at Level 6. He fits in some of my lineups.

Yeah him. I just recently realized how great that first ability is.

I'm quite a fan of the silvershield assassin - I've just been trying to win a quest with the dragon splinter and that double strike becomes 6 damage which is handy!

How about the Albatross - you can play a pure water deck combining 5 healing cards then!

I also love the universal opportunity cards which scavange at level 6 - I've had some of those get up to health 12/13 - play them mid field and they become another tank.

I might have to have a look at the bard.

I have noticed the falling prices. I've currently got my L7 Aplha summoner up for sale if you're interested - I can get an L8 Beta for the same price and still have enough to max out another!

I'm quite a fan of the silvershield assassin - I've just been trying to win a quest with the dragon splinter and that double strike becomes 6 damage which is handy!

I can see he would be very potent using Dragon, did'nt think of that combination.

How about the Albatross - you can play a pure water deck combining 5 healing cards then!

Do the Tank Healers stack?

Albatross is a little slow at (2), but combined with a faster healer that might work.

100 cards for Level 6? Some of the Untamed changes I'm not a fan of.

I also love the universal opportunity cards which scavange at level 6 - I've had some of those get up to health 12/13 - play them mid field and they become another tank.

Yes that Opp/Scav is a very strong combo. My Vulture gets a lot of HP's this way.

I've currently got my L7 Aplha summoner up for sale if you're interested

I said to myself some time ago, I would stop at Level 6. It get's too expensive after that.

do the tank healers stack, fuck yeah:


And that's with a few mana to spare! On a 'no neutrals' quest.

I really think there should be added deck for winning without losing any monsters.

I bought a lot of summoners a while back thinking they'd be the cards to gain the most value, so I'm L7 for a few splinters - I try and only buy with the proceeds I get from other cards I've sold and DEC winnings.

One of those summoners is going for hundreds of dollars/ Crazy.

Nice..., triple healing with Triage, I see you are already using Mermaid at Lvl1 with no offence, a good place to have her with Lord A and Prismatic Energy on the other side.

I would normally play both of those, but no neutrals ATM!

A deals a deal! No denying everything is on sale after the rush in cash outlay for Christmas.

Good luck with your trades/purchases!


Thanks, I have been selling a few to get some of these!

Great Splinterlands post! An upvote is on the way!

Thanks @clove71, haven't done one for a while what with being in Spain last week.

I have a gold Silvershield Assassin... It's pretty awesome, but that Poison would seriously come in handy!

I have a policy of selling Gold (anything other than commons) as they are costly to level up. I'm almost at Lvl5 already with the regular cards.

Yes, Assassin is decent before poison, that just makes him awesome.

I really should do that... It is only logical.. But they are just so shiny!

I know what you mean, they are hard to part with.

super post sir

Hope its of some help to you.

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Nice post

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Furious Chicken was around 30 cents at one time and now its 5 cents. There's people farming the reward cards and selling batches of them. When they go out of print, the price goes up nicely. I'm buying all I can. The promo cards have been hit hard, probably because everyone is trying to level up the new untamed cards. The airdrops make it worth buying more untamed packs too, so less to spend buying promo cards. Maybe there should be a promo airdrop too?

When new reward cards are released, there's a scramble to get them, that's why Chicken was expensive. It never lasts as the cards filter into people's hands.

I have several of the OOP's but am seeing little movement right now. It's a case of hoarding them for maybe a year before siphoning them on to the marketplace at the right time.

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lol, i thought i was gunna smash you in the steemmonsters battle

Hehe, Beta's rule, your using a lot of Untamed cards.

yep, started playing daily only when untamed came out. had played a few games with alpha / beta but didnt 'get into it' - thought it was dumb lol

better late then never:)

Looking at that match, I was quite fortunate. There were a few misses that went my way.

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