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RE: A Solution To The BOT Problem On Splinterlands

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Some interesting ideas there, though I tend to feel that a lot of those who control the bots are heavily staked in the game and have some influence with the official SPL team, thus things are unlikely to change that will upset them too much.


I have about 10% of the market cap in cards, I bot at a high level. I made that investment with the protection of bots. If they mess with bots it will be a court battle to see who is correct and if there are any damages. Matt has told me they will not mess with bots. He has the DEC solution to kill off the huge bots nets, but has not? Who is getting the money from that? Hmm... Also if we do end bots there might only be 50 or so humans left, it would kil the game. Further more open sourced web bots can't be clocked. The only solution that works is mine.

It's a bit of a catch 22. The bot element is having a negative impact on the game from a human player perspective, so it risks becoming nothing but bots. Without human players enjoying the game, it's hard to see where or how it can grow.

Don't look at the accounts as human or bots, just look at them and see how much they invested into the game. My th12-aventador account cost like $50,000. I should be able to use it however I want. But the 2,000 bots who have a total of $2,000 invested? That is not fair. Check out my post on how we can use DEC to limit rewards and get the cards back to the players and investors. Right now the lower bots are being protected and it makes me sick.

I look at it more simplistically. Is it fun to play, yes or no? Right now, for me, tournaments are not because the same bots dominate them by sheer weight of numbers, regardless of what the level the tournament is set at.

Is there a place for bots? Yes, probably. Are the low ranked bots destroying it moreso than the high ranked ones? Almost certainly.

Heading over to read your piece now.

I find playing the game fun as a human, but I used a maxed and full deck and beat the bots. Humans right now are better than bots.

Yeah we need to deal with the lower rated spam bots, but no one has.

I agree completely and think everyone else does too... (except the low level bot farmers)

and yes even Matt and Aggy would have to agree as its killing them day by day with loss of revenues now due to little to no pack sales

I hope you're wrong about that, but you aren't the only one saying it. Maybe they will surprise us one day with something that achieves objectives that we can all agree with. And while I understand they are sensitive to the bot guys, my guess is they could run a legitimate authorized program that could incentivize the bot makers while at the same time keep the humans excited to play.