Potion, Quest, and Active Splinter Updates

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In addition to all of the exciting new things that are part of the Untamed release (which you can read about here: Splinterlands: Untamed - Info & Release Date), we have a bunch of other smaller changes that we have been working on and plan to release together. The majority of these changes are ideas proposed by players or are a result of player feedback, so as always we want to thank you for your input and your help to make the game better!

The changes listed below are planned to go into effect along with the release of the Untamed edition on Saturday, November 30th, around 10 am - 12 pm EST (UTC-5).


The first set of changes are in regards to potions. The following updates have been requested by MANY players, so we hope they make things better and easier for everyone.

Purchasing Individual Charges & Removing Strength Levels

One issue that was brought to our attention is that players often purchase the Basic or Enhanced strength potions - thinking that they would stack - and it ends up just being wasted DEC since the player wants to always use the Brilliant strength potion.

Another is that many players would like to be able to purchase a smaller number of charges of each potion. For example, if you only have 5 packs to open, it would be great to be able to purchase 25 charges of the Brilliant Legendary and Alchemy potions for a manageable 2,250 DEC instead of having to amass a much more difficult 45,000 DEC for 500 charges of each.

We think that both of those things make a lot of sense, so we will be getting rid of Basic and Enhanced strength potions altogether, and at the same time allowing players to choose the number of charges of the Brilliant strength potions they would like to purchase at any time. There will also be bonus charges given out for large purchases, just like when buying booster packs!

For players who currently have charges of Basic or Enhanced strength potions in their inventory, they will be automatically converted to Brilliant strength charges when this change goes live at a rate of 4:1 for Basic and 2:1 for Ehanced (except for the Quest potions which will be 5:1 and 2.5:1).

Since you cannot have fractions of a charge, the conversions will be rounded up. For example, if you have 13 Basic Legendary Potion charges, they will be converted into 4 Brilliant Legendary Potion charges automatically when this change goes live.

Purchasing Potions with Crypto/USD

One of the most important goals of the Splinterlands project is that it should be accessible to people who have no experience with cryptocurrency. This is a big differentiator between Splinterlands and other blockchain-based games which typically require players to own crypto (for things like gas fees) and to know how to transact with it.

Potions are one area where we are failing in that goal. It is currently very difficult for people to get enough DEC for potions - they have to be able to first aquire cryptocurrency, then know how to trade it for STEEM or TRX, and then be able to trade that for DEC. This gives experienced cryptocurrency users a huge advantage over everyone else and that is a big deterrent for a lot of players. It also creates a lot of customer support issues and potential for players' funds to be lost or stolen.

Now that we are beginning to focus more on player growth and marketing to a wider audience, this is something that needs to be addressed. As a result, we are going to start selling potions for crypto and USD via PayPal just like we currently do for booster packs. The cost of the potions in DEC will remain the same, and the USD pricing will be based on a rate of $0.001 USD / DEC, or 1000 DEC / $1 USD.

In order to mitigate any potential negative effects on the market price of DEC - since people who previously were forced to purchase through the market to buy potions now have another option - we will also be setting the price of Untamed booster packs at a fixed rate of 2000 DEC / pack, regardless of the price for which DEC is trading on the markets.

This way, if the price of DEC ever drops too much below $0.001 USD on the markets, there will be an arbitrage opportunity that savvy players can take advantage of to get cheap booster packs and potions, or just to make a quick profit.

Option to Disable Potions for Reward Cards

A number of players have also asked about the ability to disable their potions when opening Reward Cards. We agree that players should be able to choose how to apply their hard-earned potions, so we have added a new setting in the settings screen that, when enabled, will disable all potions from being applied when Reward cards are opened.

Active Splinters & Daily Quests

The next set of changes involves active and inactive splinters for battles and daily quests. Again, these changes come as a result of feedback and input from the players - you!

Increased Chances of Inactive Splinters

One of the elements of skill in the game is around choosing which Splinter to play in a battle in order to best counter what you expect your opponent might play. With the majority of Splinters being active in all battles, that element of skill is significantly diminished. Additionally, we want to encourage players to get cards from a wide variety of Splinters rather just maxxing out one or two.

As a result, we will be changing the algorithm so that Splinters will be inactive in battles more often (except for Ranked battles between players under 300 rating, in which case all Splinters are always active). As mentioned above, we expect that this will add additional skill to team selection since you have a higher chance of accurately guessing which Splinter your opponent will choose, and it will encourage players to own or rent a more diverse set of cards.

It will even be possible, though rare, that only a single Splinter may be active for a battle! We think that these battles will provide an interesting twist as both players strive to make the best team using the same Splinter.

For those of you who are thinking that this will make daily quests much harder to complete, don't worry, because...

Daily Quest Splinters Always Active

With this change, the Splinters that are part of either player's daily quest will always be active in Ranked battles. We realize that, even before the changes above, it can be very frustrating when you're trying to complete your daily quest and your Splinter is repeatedly inactive.

We're happy to announce that those days will soon be over, and you will be able quest in peace...well, except for the fact that your opponent will still be trying to crush you...

New Daily Quests

We are also finally adding new quest goals for the first time since the release of the daily quests around a year ago! Many, many players have asked when there would be a Dragon splinter quest - and the answer is: now! We also have two other new quests which we hope will help to keep the game interesting and engaging. The new quests will be limited to players in the higher leagues as indicated since new / lower level players may not have the cards to complete them.

Without further ado, the new quests are (drum roll please):

  • Win 5 Ranked battles using the Dragon Splinter (Gold league and up)
  • Win 5 Tournament battles (Gold league and up)
  • Win 3 Ranked battles without using any Neutral monsters (Silver league and up)

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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What about reducing cost of Delwyn Dragonscale ?

After reducing costs of Archmage Delwyn cost the same Mana as Archmage but has only disadvantages against Archmage.

I think a card who cost the same Mana like other cards but all stats are same or worse than other cards is in the end useless.

So give Delwyn a usecase and reduce his cost also.

Thank you in advance !

Yeah, it doesn't make any sense to me that Delwyn has a mana cost of 5 when Daria is only 4 and Selenia (which is the best of all of those) is only 3.

yes you are right !
In the end the system is that Summoner cost 2 Mana and every buff 1 Mana, so summoner with one buff cost 3 Mana, with three buffs 5 Mana (in the end The Peakrider has also three buff as the normal buff is +1 shield and he get to this +2 shield more and -1 opponent range attack).

From this Daria and Delwyn go away and one buff cost not one Mana but two (Daria) or three (Delwyn) - for me it's not logical ... ok you could say one Mana for the ability to use Dragons, but than is the question why Selenia Sky cost only 3 Mana.

Quiet right, hopefully it will be look into by yaba and aggy.

I hope so.
I think it should be their goal to have a usecase for every card and not to have useless cards.

Their would be also other possibilities like a ruleset "Rise of the Common" who really deserve this name, means only common monster (and not common and rare) - this ruleset would in my opinion bring new life in (nearly) useless cards like the Rusty Android.


Overall, nice set of updates. Questions and comments:

  1. How do the Potion changes apply to Mystery Potions, where all have 5 charges and the Potion level determines % chance of getting a mystery prize? In particular, being able to choose how many potion charges to purchase may be problematic because everyone will just purchase 1 potion charge every other day.

  2. It would be good if the Alchemy and Legendary Potions clearly provide examples of the % chances. (So for Reward cards, a 2% gold foil or 0.8% legendary becomes 4% and 1.6% respectively). Far too many people think that the Brilliant potions are 100% potions guaranteeing gold foil or legendaries, rather than being +100% potions.

  3. I like that Potions will no longer be wasted on Reward cards. Maybe it would even be better to just have a on/off toggle so that people can choose when to activate Potions. That way, someone could decide to use Potions on Beta boosters but not Untamed boosters. Or vice versa. Etc.

  4. I also like the changes to more inactive splinters.

  5. For "Daily Quest Splinter always active," it should only apply when the player has not yet completed the 5 quests. Otherwise, they could intentionally avoid claiming the quest to ensure their splinter is always active. In fact, someone could give up dailies entirely and always keep the same Daily Quest unclaimed, to guarantee their one splinter is always active (which would essentially be a loophole around the "more inactive splinters" change).

  6. Considering the flexibility and power level of the Dragon splinter, I was fine with there not being a quest for it. It's far easier to play Dragon than the other splinters, so maybe it should require more than 5 wins to compensate.

  7. It also seems redundant to have a "no neutrals" quest especially when there is a Dragon quest splinter. You could essentially treat the "no neutrals" quest as "win 3 Dragon splinter battles," letting the Dragon monsters substitute for the Neutrals you would give up. I think "no neutrals or dragons" for 3 quests would be reasonable. Otherwise you don't need both a Dragon quest AND a no neutrals quest.

  8. While I like the idea of a Tournament daily quest, 5 might too much, especially since you can get knocked out in the first round and there are a limited number of tournaments in a 24 hour period (for your daily quest). I would consider dropping the number to 3 wins or even 2 wins.

  9. With Untamed Boosters being purchasable for DEC, will guild quest lodge discounts apply? (I would guess no). How about affiliate payments? (If so, would the referrer get paid in DEC or would the DEC amount be converted into STEEM?).

  1. They will work just like the current Brilliant Mystery potion. Each charge gives you 100% chance of getting a mystery reward. It's a good point about the every other day thing - we may have to chance the special mystery card to have a 50% chance of being awarded every day.

  2. The wording for the potions will be updated to say "double the chance" to avoid further percentage confusion, but it is also a good suggestion to publish the exact percentages.

  3. My concern with the on/off toggle is that people will forget they turned it off and then open packs and be annoyed. Everyone requested being able to turn off potions for reward cards so that's why we went with this, but if this doesn't solve players' needs then we can always change it.

  4. Great!

  5. That's how it will work. It checks if the player has completed the quest, not if they have claimed the rewards.

  6. I don't see this as a big deal. If every once in a while players get a quest that's easier then that's fine. The point of the quests are to encourage people to play every day.

  7. I think the no neutrals quest is very different than the dragon splinter quest. The dragon splinter cards are very different than neutral cards.

  8. There has been a considerable amount of feedback already about the tournament quest so we'll definitely reconsider that one.

  9. Boosters have been purchasable with DEC for a long time, the only change here is that the price will be fixed and not based on the market. Quest lodge discounts do not apply to booster pack purchases and referral bonuses are paid in DEC.

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Great tweaks to minimize frustration and maximize the joy of battle.

An unrelated suggestion: automatically level down cards when higher levels activate an attribute that disqualifies the monster from a battle. For example, in the ruleset where melee monsters are forbidden, my chicken should level down to its pre-melee level. Taking this idea further, it should be possible to play a card at the level you own it or any lesser level. There should be an interface for leveling down cards when submitting to battle. This could be important for when speed is reversed or cases where level 10 is worse in health than level 9.

This is definitely something we are going to address, it's just a more involved change so we haven't been able to implement it yet.

Further to this, I'd like the team to consider the option to mute abilities or even attacks.
If I want to tell my Fallen Specter to not attack, risking death from Magic reflect, I should be able to do so. If I want my Goblin Sorceror to attack the enemy tank, I should be able to mute "sneak" for that battle.

I disagree. You shouldn't be able to change a card because it has an ability you dislike. Sometimes an ability helps you, sometimes it hurts you. That's part of the nuance of the game.

Of course, Fallen Spector would be better if it didn't attack at all. The fact that it attacks is a weakness that is crucial to balance out an otherwise extremely overpowered card.

That's certainly a valid viewpoint. Logistically I'd suggest since a lot of abilities only arrive at certain levels, keeping a secondary (gold foil maybe) card which hasn't yet achieved that ability or attack is going to be more of a common practice as the game develops.
I understand its also possible, although not through the official site, to play a given card at a lower level, particularly by bots.
We could avoid all this by giving players the option to mute abilities and attacks in the native interface. Just because I think something's a good idea though, doesn't mean it is :)
We're just throwing stuff at the wall here. If I make 100 suggestions and the devs reject 99, I'll be delighted to have contributed.

I understand its also possible, although not through the official site, to play a given card at a lower level, particularly by bots.

I'd like clarification on this point. Given my understanding of the blockchain mechanics behind the game, I don't think anyone currently has the ability to play down a specific card.

However, perhaps what you're saying is that the current official site only registers your highlest level card for a given moster and ignores the rest. Programattic users however have the ability to submit a card that is lower level than another card of the same monster for battle. @yabapmatt is this the case?

My proposal is different from the current behavior available to programmatic users because it would allow temporarily leveling down a card for a specific battle rather than require the user to possess a low and high level card of the same monster.

Well said!

Wondering out loud, if these tournament wins need to be racked up in Official Splinterlands tournaments, or if they can be acquired during User generated tournaments.
If the latter, I think its a fantastic inducement to get Guilds and other groups posting/hosting our own tournaments. They'd need to be public; and I'm not sure if paid entries would be a deal breaker.
I was thinking, too. If there were an ECR cost to enter tournaments, say 5%, we'd keep a lot of heavy hitters out of lower level ones.

That would be a way, but in the moment (and I think their is no desire to change) the creation of a tournament cost 2$ - I think this is a point who many people scare off from creating tournament.

You could it also say in another way: You should pay 2$ for every tournament for fullfilling of your daily quest.

Maybe it would be a way to take the 2$ from public tournaments but not from private tournaments.

"Splinters that are part of either player's daily quest will always be active in Ranked battles."

YES! Thank you. The rest of the stuff is cool, but the above just removes so much frustration.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

There's a lot to like here. Really appreciate the update.
I love the simplification of the potions. Could we also look at changing the wording to avoid the 'I thought I had a 100% chance of getting a legendary' confusion? With the other two options gone,
"Double the chance a card will be gold foil" leaves less room for misunderstanding.
Tournament wins is an interesting one. Scheduling might be a pain point until asynchronous tournaments roll out. Guess we'll see how it goes.
Thanks again, team. Love your work :)

The wording has already been changed, you can see it in the screenshot in the post.

Always one step ahead.

Really good update and great to see many improvements to the daily quests system.
I would just like to know if you are going to purchase DEC from the market when somebody pays the potions with USD or crypto. Or where do these funds go?

Awesome updates. I really like the fact that we will be able to buy potions in smaller batches than 500 at a time, and that we can disable them.

Great updates! The dragon splinter is a nice addition. Lots of great updates really. I like the addition of new quests, but winning five tournaments, yikes. It is achievable for a weekly quest but it is time consuming (for now at least, until asynchronous is out). The tourneys take forever. I can hardly find time to play in one anymore, but no complaints since I am fortunate to have another guild member play them when I can't myself.

Thanks for the updates!

You guys are listening, that is so nice and encouraging, great little updates, thanks.

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"Without further ado, the new quests are (drum roll please):
Win 5 Ranked battles using the Dragon Splinter (Gold league and up)
Win 5 Tournament battles (Gold league and up)
Win 3 Ranked battles without using any Neutral monsters (Silver league and up)"

The idea is good, but the question is if you have thought about what consequences can be with this "from gold league" on.
Will it be really in the spirit of the game if somebody in gold league has no time to play tournaments, that he before taking the quest loose all ranked battles by skiping the game to come back in silver league and just take the quest in silver league to have not the danger to get the tournament quest ?

More Kobold Mining Expeditions?

Yes this would be a possibilty. Every 30 or 60 minutes start one tournament, than it would be ok with win of 5 tournament battles, but not if you should wait 14 hours for the next tournament.

Like many others, I have concerns that a Tournament based quest will prove exceptionally difficult to complete based on tournament frequency and alt-stacking.

If it is a quest that is going to be persevered with, then perhaps the rewards for completing a significantly more difficult quest, need to proportionately higher.

Posted using Partiko Android

About the tournament quest I see really a big problem.

Look for today:

Their was one tournament 19 hours ago, than one goldfoil tournament where most players cannot participate

Than 5 hours ago the next regular tournament.

So you go out in a tournament and have to wait 14 hours for the next tournament ? Is this really the correct way ?

If adding this quest I think their should be much more tournaments.

Yous have been busy, the hard work ethic that yous display is rarely seen these days, Keep up the great work .... Allowing the Dragon Splinter for daily quest is long overdue and its awesome that its finally here. Selling DEC at 1000/$1USD just gntd the value of DEC to be just that so yet another smart move on your part (one that will likely bring extra USD to your pocket and game).

New quest options are also a great addition. The tournament one could cause some time restriction problems but I see that as a positive not a negative as I believe some quest should he hard enough that its not always gntd that we beat them.

Overall, all great changes.

Like all the changes except the tournament one.... that will be almost impossible to do for a lot of busy people depending on tournament schedule. Unless there will be a tournament every 15 or 30 minutes, I'm thinking this will ALWAYS be skipped by the majority of players. Either way, I'm happy with the direction. Keep up the good work!!!

Great changes.

Except the tournament rule. like most said, as it ties up to hours that people can't play. Please remove it as it adds only frustration.


All good changes. But I do have to protest the more inactive splinters adjustment given the increased difficulty it will present for retaining players. I doubt most people will be able to financially achieve the level of gameplay they would want to see across the board and it seems like more of a penalty for wanting to be accomplished in the few splinters that they can pull it off.

I get the intention, but I wanted to express my discontent in the final decision.

Great changes all around otherwise! I really like to increased stickiness of DEC to act as a stablecoin with increased use cases.

Awesome changes, except for one thing: The quest that requires to win tournament battles. I'm not sure about others, but I think it can be really hard to complete especially because tournaments last very long and there are only few of them at the moment. I like the general idea, but I'm not sure if it's possible to complete for most players, sure you can skip it, but that'd mean you have one skip less for skipping e.g. splinters that you don't like

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Or you skip in that way, that you loose all battles by flehing the battlefield till you are in silver league and only at this point take the new quest, so that the tournament quest cannot come.

The potion changes are awesome!

I don't have definite feelings about the active splinter changes or the quest changes except for the tournament one. FIVE tournament battle wins?? I currently try to participate in all tournaments which for me usually is narrowed down to after work evenings at CET time. Normally, I get a bye in the qualifier round and have my a** kicked in round two. Five wins usually means getting to the top 32 which is really hard imho. Please reconsider this :-/

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I don't like the win 5 tournaments quest. I'm sure everyone will skip it unless they already planned on doing a tournament that day since tournaments take so long and they happen at random parts of they day when a player might not feel like playing or already have plans. Also, not sure about dragon quest. Dragon is already the best Splinterland, and I'm not sure if it needs to have another reason for people to play it.

Like the new potions updates and the no neutrals quest!

Also I saw the mobile version was vertical. Is that just for the browser version and then the app version will be horizontal?

if you consider that half of people go out every round you can calculate (ok let's take tournament without qualification round, so with f.e. 64 or 128 players):

50% of player loose in 1st round - they have only 0 or 1 win for the quest.
25% of player loose in 2nd round - they have only 2 or 3 win for the quest.
12.5% of player loose in 3rd round - they have only 4 or in the best case 5 wins for the quest.

If to see to this calculation you see clear that 75% of people won't fullfill their quest with the first win and from next 12,5% of people it's depend if they loose 0:2 or 1:2 in the third round.

So I think, that more than 80% of player will not be able to fullfill quest in one tournament - they should wait for the next tournament.

How long they should wait ?

Ok let's take this moment we are now and look for the tournaments who are for regular cards (you cannot expect that somebody buy goldfoil-cards or alpha-cards only for solving the daily quest) and who are not Diamond Level (as this rule started in gold league and gold league player have to pay entrance fee for all Diamond Level tournaments I think such tournaments cannot count).

The last tournament (regular cards, maximum gold league) was 19 hours ago.
The next tournament (regular cards, maximum gold league) will start in 15 hours.

So their is a difference from 34 hours from one tournament to the next and with this you should fullfill your DAILY (!!!) quest ?

So does this mean there's basically a price peg on DEC?

In reality there always was a price peg on DEC. It was always supported on the downside as long as their was demand for potions/orbs/etc because if the price drops then people will buy to get those at a discount. Similarly there was a limit to the upside since if the price went up too much then people would burn cards to increase the supply and push the price back down.

So I think the only thing that's really changing here is that we're just acknowledging that peg in the game, which is necessary in order to allow non-crypto people to not be at a disadvantage.

A face value of $1/1000 similar to how boosters have a face value of $2 but those around long enough know there's ways to get that $2 booster for cheaper.

Hm - I don't know where you can get this Booster cheaper, maybe you can tell this.

In every case not at steem-engine cause their are the booster not available, cause the booster you buy their take not part in the airdrops and if you compare you can only compare booster with taking part in airdrops with the same kind of booster.

Steem-Engine is the answer. The booster themselves are cheaper on Steem-Engine but as you noted they don't count towards airdrops. At what price does the cheaper boosters offset the chance of winning an airdropped card is anyone's guess.

There's also the bonus boosters for buying in batches of 100/500 that can help lower the $2 cost per booster.

OK, but neverthanless how you calculate the worth of the airdrop the booster you buy from steemmonsters and the booster at steem-engine are not the same, they are different.

They will be only the same after 1.4 million packs are sold and the last 100.000 packs you buy from steemmonsters will also contain no airdrop if I understand this correct.

Yes this batches of 100/500 reduce the cost - I will be curious how it will work with DEC prices, cause in the moment the best deal is to buy the packs with DEC (when they will be availbale to buy through DECs) as 2.000 DEC is less than 2$.

the last 100.000 packs you buy from steemmonsters will also contain no airdrop if I understand this correct.

That is correct ....

cause in the moment the best deal is to buy the packs with DEC (when they will be availbale to buy through DECs) as 2.000 DEC is less than 2$.

Yup, buying with DEC is currently giving a great deal.

New quests and the dragons at last, nice!

@yabapmatt and @steemmonsters, First of all i want to appreciate your way of Interaction with Community and making changes which are desired by the Community. Great to see and experiencing this continuous evolving journey team.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

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And may i ask....are there seperate rewards for the new quests and if so, what are they?
And in general... REALLY AWESOME POST WITH EVEN MORE AWESOME NEWS!!!! Thanks so much for everything!!! You all are doing so well and are helping our chain in so many ways it's ridiculous.🤗🤗

For now the quest rewards will be the same for the new quests as they are for the old one, but that doesn't mean it will always be that way in the future. Thanks for your kind words and support and we're really glad you like the update!

All good updates guys!

This sounds fantastic! When I first read it I misunderstood the tournament quest to say with 5 gold league tournaments and I was monetarily all F you Matt!! That’s crazy! I don’t care if it’s a bonus. Then it clicked and I giggled like a kid. I attribute the temporary outrage to being so often so impressed that the mere thought of something disappointing is so ridiculous my mind couldn’t cope. Maybe you should be terrified you’ve set such a high standard but I’m convinced the team will continue to live up to and surpass it. Thanks for setting the example, guys.

I think that the tournament quest needs very much lucj, f.e. yesterday was 14 hours between the two standardfoil tournaments (you cannot really tell the people to play goldfoil tournaments), so you go out in first round and next tournament is in 14 hours ? How you will - without luck - finish your quest in 23 or 24 hours ?

Spirit of the Forest (835px, 15fps).gif

All changes are awesome, good work :) Hope to see more quest types!

These are pretty great news and I am enthusiastic about more quests and also keeping the daily Splinter monster available in all battles.

Thats a sweet set of updates I know I can really appreciate the having your splinter active when you on daily request it can be so frustrating and just makes keeping your ranking even harder while going for your daily rewards so I appreciate that one

Looking forward to the new daily quests

Omg! There's nothing small in these update; they are awesome! The price for DEC is already moving up to the pegging value! Wow!

These updates are awesome! Loving them, and looking forward to the moment they will be activated. Buying potions wasn't something I did constantly, because of the high costs at once. This will make me able to use them more often. I also love the option to disable the potions for reward cards.

Great updates.. very exciting!

Nice! The Dragon Quest arrives! :-)

I think that the tournament quest is not really fun for me personally, as I miss alot of the tournaments I want to participate in (I know settings alarms and stuff, but I just don't want to do that) so maybe having an option to disable that quest would be nice, since it's not part of the usual ranked gamemode.

Also making the quest splinters always active will make the games played less, because of the accounts that only do their quests. I feel like that shouldn't become a thing.
Because if you get a 5 win streak then you will be only playing 5 games a day, as before you had to do maybe 10 or more games to get the quest done.

About the tournament quest I see really a big problem. Look for today: Their was one tournament 19 hours ago, than one goldfoil tournament where most players cannot participate and than 5 hours ago the next regular tournament. So you go out in a tournament and have to wait 14 hours for the next tournament ?

Or take another point: From now on their are only gold / diamond tournaments in the next 24 hours, what if you take the quest in gold league but fall down back to silver league - you should than pay DEC that you can participate in tournament and you need this participation to solve your daily quest

It is very nice to see how the game is changing. Becoming even better!

Super interesting changes. One thing I didn't quite understand: For those who invested in just 2 splints, will it be even harder to complete the daily mission?

I think not, in every case not if you have a dragon summoner as you can play with him also your 2 splinters. But in the end you need only the Dragon Summoner and no Dragons, as you can play dragon summoner without dragons.

Let's calculate:

Now you have 2 splinter from 5, so your chance to get the "right" quest is 40%.
In the 60% cases you get other splinter, you change the quest and (as it remain only 4 splinter and from this are 2 "your" splinter) have a chance of 50% to get now the right quest. So 50% from 60% means 30%.
Your chances to get (with one change) the "right" quest is 70%.

Later you have 3 from 6 Splinter, so the chance to get the "right" splinter are 50%.
In the case you don't get the right quest you change and your chance is now 60% (3 from 5 available splinter are "yours") - so it means in 30% of cases you get now the "right" splinter.

So your chance is later 80% instead of 70% to get (with one change, if neccesary) one of your splinters.

Hi, @schachoberhessen. Interesting, thanks for answering, I can always complete the quest, but I also play with my mother's account and she only has 2 good splints, but there is no use predicting how it will be, let's see in practice when the changes come.

OK but if you have the drogon summoner you can play with the dragon summoner one of this two splinters.

OMFG this is all such great news.

These are very interesting updates. However I still do not have eough DEC to even get a basic potion to try out the differences; but I guess it doesn't really matter now because I am going to see how advance this game will be just like from a village kid going into a big city. 😜

More inactive splinters!?

Increasing deactivated splinters will actually decrease competitiveness and create more cookie cutter lineups. Sure, it might make it harder to build an effective lineup, but limiting the splinters reduces the potential teams. It's the opposite direction the game should go. Create more possible outcomes, not less!

More splinters, more cards the better. Playing a bunch of mirror matches sounds boring af.

Good changes. I bought the legendary 100% potion, I hardly got 5 legendary cards, one r two cards were good and I only have 68 cards potion left what's the point of 100% when in 500 cards I only got 5 cards, I brought gold card potion and 20 boosters pack it was not the worth I invested. hope next time I get better cards.
In events, I hardly get matched with my level players if I play 100 events only 2 or 3 times I get right match, I hope it changes.

Very cool I like all the updates.

Some great changes :)

These are great news! The only thing that was getting me worried was reading about the inactive splinters increase, only to read later that the daily quest splinter would stay. Overall, all these chances just make the game even better. And to hear that a good part of them came from the community, means that we have a team who listens to the players, and that is worth a ton! Thank you!

It is like...greetings and always success

Loving these changes

You've got to love the development team behind splinterlands.. Awesome updates.

When are we going to see this 2000DEC/Pack at shop? I have about 12K DEC waiting to be spent.

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