Second Untamed Airdrop Card Revealed!

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The Splinterlands team is excited to unveil the second Untamed airdrop card - the Legendary Gloridax Guardian! The Guardians are chosen from the largest and most ruthless of the Gloridax Armed Forces. They are charged with protecting the enormous wealth and powerful magical artifacts in Draykh Nahka (commonly known as the Dragon Splinter). They are extremely formidable foes and you will definitely want them on your side of the battlefield!

Last Chance to Participate in the Second Airdrop

After the unbelievable turnout in the recent crowdfunding campaign, we've sold well over 200,000 Untamed booster packs, so the second airdrop should already be sold out. However, we wanted to provide one last chance to get in on it, so we won't be reserving the rest of the Untamed booster packs from the crowdfund until they are ready to be sent out which should be in the next 1 - 2 weeks.

As it stands, there are about 24,000 packs available to purchase that will be eligible for the Gloridax Guardian airdrop, in addition to the 12 remaining airdrops after that. These packs will be available until the digital crowdfund rewards are ready to send out, at which point the additional packs will be reserved which will put us well into the 3rd airdrop.

Of course, all packs received as rewards from the crowdfunding campaign are eligible for ALL of the 14 Untamed airdrops, including the Diamond Dragon and the Gloridax Guardian, so if you participated in the crowdfund then you're all set!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Looks amazing! But Im wondering, is that a GIGANTIC axe behind him or his wings? ^^

It's a gigantic axe...unfortunately we lose a lot of the art fitting the image into the card frame. You'll be able to see the full version once it's released by clicking on the "lore" tab of the card details view.

Thanks! My curiosity has been sated. :)
Some initial feedback on Untamed GF cards:
I love how the regular card border looks! But sadly the GF version loses a lot of the flair, its a bit too over the top, all the details like the dragon skin/scales get kinda lost, which is sad, since the design is amazing!


(this is not our authority mem, was found out & save it just from some of the @clove71 or @steemmonsters posts - Splinterlands meme contest)

thats too funny.


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haha. brilliant

I disagree, I think the normal version is way too purple, its like I have my screen inverted. Even the (2 that we have seen) monsters are purple so far

Do I hear full art skins coming up!!

Seriously @yabapmatt, the quality of all the artwork related to this game (and it's marketing material) is quite impressive. I commend you for desiring (and delivering on) "going all the way)...

I want!!

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Oh snap!! I can’t wait to get a hold of that card! 😎

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Yours will Probably be GOLD Fully Leveled UP @stackin

There still about 300 players better than me right now, I better step up my game 😅

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Eagerly awaiting my Kickstarter email.

*Pacing back and forth across the room *

Same... lol

Looks amazing! I love both versions.. That Gold Foil looks sweet for real!

Exciting times in Splinterlands!
Enchantress of the Night (879px, 15fps).gif

Waiting for the packs ☺

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If we purchased boosters through the Kickstarter, when do we indicate what our steem name is so we are eligible for the airdrops?

what is the exact release date of the Untamed Edition?

Oh Wow looking Soooo Awesome! Fingers Crossed!!🙏❤👍

@steemmonsters, This Legendary Card is awesome team and definitely will going to add value to the Deck and most importantly it will add Newness.

First of all i want to congratulate you towards successful progress towards Untamed Booster Packs.

Good wishes from my side team and stay blessed.

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