Splinterlands: 254 Daily DEC Give Away #254 (NO UP-VOTE, RE-STEEM , or FOLLOW)

in #hive6 months ago

So I'm feeling like a million and I hope you are too. Lets give away some purple rock because you guys rock. Yesterdays winner of 253 DEC was @wonderwop congrats. Go give a follow and some love, DEC already sent my friend.

Today`s give away
Comment if you would like Splinterlands to do a DEC lotto (I would love it)

images (1)ttt.jpg

That is it for today, short and sweet. See you tomorrow.


Sure, I guess I am down for any update atm :D


as long as it was optional

that would be good...could always use more DEC for decks

sure, would help me out..

Not really. But would love to see them on Hive :)

ok with me

Good idea. Drug wars does it.


A Lotto? That would depend on the base amount required to invest and the prize. Would the prize pool have the total amount that everyone invested in or would Splinterlands take a cut? There are many variables but as long as it is not mandatory, it would be a nice addition in my opinion.


Wouldn't join. No luck gambling

A lotto would be cool

A lotto would be cool. Thanks for the DEC

Oh yes! I would love that! Upvoted! 💚