Steem Monsters:TIPS plus 240 DEC Daliy Give Away #240 (NO UP-VOTE, RE-STEEM , or FOLLOW )

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Quick shout out to all of the steemit hardcores out there. Due to the strength of our community and the resistance to the powerful centralizers the Steemit community has made a name for it self. The price reflects our community strength not only today but over the past week where almost every other crypto has shit the bed.

Yesterdays winner of the daily double 578 DEC was and still is @simonjay, congrats. They say never trust a man with teo first names but you can trust him, lolz. Go give him a follow and some love, DEC already sent buddy.

Today's Give Away
*Comment one thing you would add to splinterlands (5 DEC lottery that gives you a chance to win a big amount of DEC either after winning a game or on daily rewards )

Todays Tip-Air Drops

most of you know that there is an airdrop system in place at the moment that gives you a chance of receiving the latest airdrop card once the milestone of booster packs are sold. The more packs you buy the higher percentage chance you will receive the card. The more rare the card is the lower the chance of receiving them. With this said you want to maximize the chance of receiving a card and that is where my tip comes in.

Buy as many packs as you can over the time it takes for the airdrop to happen. Do not open them, I repeat do not open them. The air drop will increase your drop rate on purchases not packs opened. You can work this one of two ways.

First- Buy your packs and wait until after the airdrop takes place and then open your pack, hopefully you listened to one of my previous tips and have been saving potions and not using them for reward cards. This will have given you the chance to receive the card via airdrops and also now that the card is in the wild it gives you a chance to receive them in your packs as well.

Second= Hustle a bit and buy some packs threw a source that give you credit for airdrops like the steemmonsters or peakmonsters site and tokenize them and try to sell them on steem-engine or in private. you do not need to sell them for profit because once sold you will re-buy to increase airdrop percentage chance. This is a bit more risky because you could lose money in the process.

FYI the last airdrop is available to claim, just go to the steemmonsters website click on the shop tab and hit claim. Good luck.


Thanks, that's all for today. I will see you tomorrow to hand out more DEC!


the old reward system lolz

I would get the card reward system back! Although lottery tickets also sound nice! <3

Yes! The hardcore Steemians- there is one right here- lol! I love the Steem blockchain and community! What a great post! I love this card! She is badass! An upvote is on the way from SM/ Splinterlands!

community challenges that reward cards or dec based on a community goal being reached

Battles between guilds

More interesting rulesets.

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I would like to see a tournament system that pays more than just the same 32 accounts everyday! 🤞


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More reward, easy rules , same level opponent 😀

more reward cards for the lower leagues

More like daily missions.

Boss battles and guild wars...

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