BETA is over ! What now ?

in #splinterlandslast year

So I believe that all of the steemmonsters fans already know that the BETA Packs have now officially sold out.

But that doesn't mean that Beta packs are not available for purchase anymore.
You can buy Beta Packs form Steem-Engine with the current price of 20 Steem.

When you purchase the BETA Token from steem-engine then you can redeem it by sending it to @steemmonsters
This also works with the ALPHA Tokens, that are still available for about 40 steem.

Now we will probably have a 2-3 month period where only official packs we can get are the ORBS.
(if you are thinking why for me the orbs cost 2450 DEC, and for you it might be 2500 DEC, it's because I am in a guild with the shop discounts, so I suggest everyone finding a guild for themselves)

We will have a kickstarter soon for the new packs, so be on the lookout for that.
The Untamed Collection

Honestly I am super excited for the new collection, and I also think that in the mean time we will see some more reward cards burn out and be replaced with new ones.

So a lot to look forwards to !!!

And why wait, Get into Steemmonsters today !
or Splinterlands as most people like to call it nowadays.

Also I suggest checking out SteemKnights


So the price of beta packs on SE is a fix price? Buy tokens and send it to steemonsters to get the packs? Cool..

I didn't follow about the new untamed packs, will it be totally different cards from we have now?

On SE it's not a fixed price, its what people choose to sell at.

And yes untamed will have completely new cards

Will beta and alpha cards always be more valuable than the untamed version? What I mean is will holding betas or alphas be worth it in the long run? Even after untamed are released?

Well the Beta and Alpha cards are now exclusive, no more of these kinds will be printed

After all the Packs get opened ofc, because there are still unopened packs on SE

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