Splinter Stats Season 40 Report Card

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SplinterStats Season 40 Report Card


Who do I credit this sweet image to?

While I work on a 2020 Engagement round up for @galenkp and friends, I thought I'd make use of and advertise this nice tool created by @kiokizz for Splinterlands.

I did used to post my daily rewards on an alt account but think I'll just do a seasonal round-up instead with this tool. By default, 10% of the rewards from this post (using this site) go to @kiokizz to fund future developments.

Match Report


Diamond Rank55
Rating3668 - Diamond I
Rating High3668
Total Rating Movements (+-)2262
Ranked Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)2.13 (66/31/1)
Tournament Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)NaN (0/0/0)
Longest Streak9
Highest Rated Win vs@teejays (3728)

The past few seasons I've not made it out of the Diamond league. I suspect that it because I've not really got into the new cards, and my 'classic' deck is missing a bit of spark.

Top 10 Summoner Usage

SummonerFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Lyanna Natura3235.96%65.63%
Selenia Sky3134.83%80.65%
Malric Inferno2224.72%72.73%
Alric Stormbringer33.37%33.33%
Daria Dragonscale11.12%0.00%

As I tend not to play many more games each day than required to complete the daily quest, my summoner usage will be guided by what is offered up for the quests. When I do play a random ranked battle, I'll generally side with Selenia, and the win ratio looks fairly good. I suspect I should be playing more games based on my deck, trying to aim for Champion 3.

Top 100 Monster Usage

MonsterFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Lord Arianthus4348.31%69.77%
Furious Chicken3337.08%72.73%
Earth Elemental3134.83%64.52%
Gelatinous Cube2831.46%75.00%
Screeching Vulture2022.47%70.00%
Crustacean King2022.47%80.00%
Fire Beetle1516.85%60.00%
Javelin Thrower1516.85%60.00%
Flesh Golem1314.61%61.54%
Pirate Archer1112.36%72.73%
Kobold Miner1112.36%63.64%
Flame Monkey1011.24%80.00%
Fire Spitter910.11%77.78%
Giant Roc910.11%77.78%
Spineback Turtle88.99%62.50%
Gold Dragon88.99%87.50%
Ettin Spearman88.99%75.00%
Serpent of the Flame77.87%85.71%
Imp Bowman77.87%71.43%
Prismatic Energy77.87%57.14%
Kron the Undying77.87%28.57%
Sea Monster66.74%83.33%
Water Elemental55.62%100.00%
Swamp Thing55.62%40.00%
Lightning Dragon44.49%100.00%
Highland Archer44.49%50.00%
Minotaur Warrior44.49%75.00%
Peaceful Giant44.49%75.00%
Goblin Mech44.49%50.00%
Mushroom Seer44.49%50.00%
Robo-Dragon Knight33.37%33.33%
Creeping Ooze33.37%0.00%
Pirate Captain33.37%100.00%
The Kraken33.37%33.33%
Nectar Queen33.37%66.67%
Ice Pixie22.25%50.00%
Battle Orca22.25%100.00%
Ruler of the Seas22.25%50.00%
Naga Fire Wizard22.25%100.00%
Molten Ogre11.12%100.00%
Mischievous Mermaid11.12%100.00%
Grumpy Dwarf11.12%0.00%
Spirit Shaman11.12%0.00%
Torhilo the Frozen11.12%0.00%
Serpent of Eld11.12%0.00%
Fire Demon11.12%100.00%
Fire Elemental11.12%0.00%
Failed Summoner11.12%100.00%
Gremlin Blaster11.12%100.00%
Stone Golem11.12%100.00%
Wave Runner11.12%0.00%
Sea Genie11.12%100.00%
Sand Worm11.12%100.00%
Serpentine Spy11.12%100.00%
Enchanted Pixie11.12%100.00%
Elven Cutthroat11.12%100.00%
Battering Ram11.12%100.00%

Lord Anus is has been my go-to tank for a while, and he turns up even more that the Furious Chicken who is 0 mana.

Win Rate by Ruleset

RulesetFrequencyWin Rate
Close Range1258.33%
Fog of War1172.73%
Reverse Speed1060.00%
Healed Out1070.00%
Heavy Hitters977.78%
Keep Your Distance850.00%
Lost Legendaries757.14%
Weak Magic757.14%
Back to Basics650.00%
Melee Mayhem650.00%
Taking Sides560.00%
Up Close & Personal580.00%
Armored Up540.00%
Super Sneak580.00%
Rise of the Commons580.00%
Lost Magic5100.00%
Broken Arrows4100.00%
Little League366.67%
Silenced Summoners366.67%
Odd Ones Out366.67%
Even Stevens30.00%
Target Practice366.67%
Aim True366.67%

5 from 5 for Lost Magic and Broken Arrows - surprising seeing as I prefer to play Alric (Magic boost) or Selenia (Range boost).

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards
Total Standard573210
Gold Foil Cards
Total Gold215750

Loot Chests

Reward ChestsDailiesSeasonTotal💲DEC💲
Legendary Potions2712391560
Alchemy Potions1711281400
UNTAMED Packs0112000
Cards (Total)38215918960

Captured DEC (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play WinsDEC Earned

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings
28810 DEC

Epic gold foil last season. And in the season before, a Legendary gold - happy with that.

The 28810 DEC earned last season is currently worth around 225 HIVE. That's about a quarter of the Curation Rewards that my account brings in each month (78000 active HP), and a Splinterlands season is 14 days....

I've been a member of the Team Possible Guild which have the Quest Lodge leveled up to 10. I think I'll be getting some plots of land soon too, although no idea as yet what i'll be doing with them!

Happy New Year all!


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Nice Report Card 👍

I'm thinking next in the priority list is making it so mobile users can generate reports (without Keychain), and to add some customisability (Top 25, 50, 75, 100 monsters, to begin with). I've got some work that'll keep me fairly busy for a couple weeks. I also need to work in the Leaderboard prizes to the rewards.

So many things to do with limited time :)

Damn this is a nice report! I'll check this out. I know that my deck is favoring two summoners, Zaku and the new death one. I'm curious as to the other info that gets dropped in!

Ah, lord Anus. I really despise that card. Thankfully Zaku helps me actually stand a fighting chance against the little prick, literally depending on the level 🤣

Yeah the boy done good, I hope the 10%'s encourage some more stats.

Ha! The little prick is a must have in any deck, I've got a few spare for sale when they are $100 each :)

Lol I'm a proud "never Anus" player :P I refuse to buy any!

That is not a bad idea to have a self-generated season report. Better than those every battle ones :D

The webpage asks for more text too if you've not annotated enough :)

Folks are free to do as they please I guess, a daily post for those who only play Splinterlands and do nothing else might not seem like much, although a bit tedious for everyone else.

The dev will be adding more stuff soon, and I do like some numbers, especially if someone else is doing them :)

Yeah, I don't follow people who only post those types of things, so it doesn't affect me.

I wonder if the base could be modified for some other stats? For example like @bashadow does for his month end.

Probably. I think bashadow quite likes producing his report, and seems to be picking up some skills along the way.

I like reading them too :)