# The Splintergains report ~ Luck down, market up - Splinter Stats Season 53 Report Card



Alright, I'm here again to report on my most recent Splinterland season. Felt like I was low on luck but enjoyed playing the battles and seeing the development of the game progressing so it's all good in the end. Market seems to be going up too so I'm curious to see the progress numbers. For the news this season:

  • Rentals v 2.0 released
    There's now an in-game rental system where you can use your won dec to rent cards and thus progress faster and break through those power walls reuqired for each league. This is huge as it requires hardly any knowledge and allows people to really get ahead on minimal budget or even go free-to-play after the initial spellbook purchase. I've been using the old rental 1.0 (still am actually) but it was kinda tedious and you needed to make some transfers to use dec, the new system is way more convenient. I still recommend anyone wanting to rent, or rent out for that matter, to check peakmonsters.com as they offer some extra custom stats and ways to rent or rent out in bulk.

  • Airdrop of sps is getting close

Year long airdrop of a new governance token, it's exciting but soon to be released. So more on that next time.

Let's look at the stats from this last season!

Match Report


Gold Rank960
Rating2260 - Gold II
Rating High2260
Total Rating Movements (+-)4896
Ranked Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)1.17 (129/108/2)
Tournament Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)0.00 (0/9/0)
Tournament Reward Placements1/2
Longest Streak10
Highest Rated Win vs@epicteam (2889)

Slightly lower ratio, I had to grind for some dailies so that makes sense. Still, above 1 is fine for me, finished in gold II again and am slowly building my own deck to a higher power level so I can cut back on rental costs and actually invest more in buying cards. Slow and steady!

Top 10 Summoner Usage

SummonerFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Alric Stormbringer10645.30%42.45%
Lyanna Natura6628.21%63.64%
Malric Inferno3816.24%71.05%
Tyrus Paladium187.69%44.44%
Zintar Mortalis52.14%80.00%
Drake of Arnak10.43%0.00%

Funny Alric is in the top spot, Expected Lyanna to be there as I use her most at lvl 4. Guess I had soem tough water quests or it was available more often, not too sure.

Top 100 Monster Usage

MonsterFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Furious Chicken11247.86%50.00%
Sea Monster6929.49%44.93%
Feasting Seaweed5724.36%43.86%
Crustacean King5121.79%49.02%
Wood Nymph4519.23%73.33%
Water Elemental4418.80%52.27%
Flesh Golem4017.09%82.50%
Creeping Ooze3916.67%58.97%
Screeching Vulture3414.53%55.88%
Goblin Thief3012.82%70.00%
Ice Pixie2811.97%32.14%
Captain's Ghost2811.97%50.00%
Serpentine Spy2711.54%62.96%
Living Lava2611.11%61.54%
Sand Worm2410.26%54.17%
War Chaang218.97%57.14%
Kobold Miner218.97%76.19%
Sea Genie208.55%55.00%
Elven Cutthroat177.26%47.06%
Giant Roc156.41%46.67%
Almo Cambio145.98%85.71%
Divine Healer145.98%35.71%
Enchanted Pixie125.13%50.00%
Nectar Queen125.13%33.33%
Mitica Headhunter125.13%50.00%
Centauri Mage125.13%58.33%
Ant Miners104.27%50.00%
Spirit Druid Grog104.27%90.00%
Khmer Princess104.27%50.00%
Torhilo the Frozen104.27%40.00%
Gelatinous Cube83.42%62.50%
Elven Mystic83.42%25.00%
Kelp Initiate83.42%37.50%
Spineback Turtle72.99%14.29%
Demented Shark72.99%28.57%
Frozen Soldier52.14%40.00%
Light Elemental52.14%0.00%
Serpentine Soldier52.14%100.00%
Silvershield Sheriff52.14%0.00%
Fineas Rage52.14%100.00%
Ettin Spearman41.71%75.00%
Earth Elemental31.28%33.33%
Lone Boatman31.28%33.33%
Stone Golem31.28%66.67%
Pirate Captain31.28%33.33%
Child of the Forest31.28%66.67%
Undead Priest31.28%66.67%
Flame Monkey20.85%100.00%
Magma Troll20.85%100.00%
Stonesplitter Orc20.85%0.00%
Sniping Narwhal20.85%100.00%
Serpent of Eld20.85%50.00%
Crystal Jaguar20.85%0.00%
Sabre Shark20.85%0.00%
Silvershield Knight20.85%100.00%
Warrior of Peace20.85%0.00%
Spark Pixies20.85%100.00%
Goblin Sorcerer20.85%50.00%
Fire Beetle20.85%50.00%
Darkest Mage20.85%100.00%
Grim Reaper20.85%50.00%
Spirit Shaman20.85%100.00%
Goblin Mech10.43%100.00%
Fire Elemental10.43%100.00%
Goblin Shaman10.43%100.00%
Unicorn Mustang10.43%0.00%
Exploding Dwarf10.43%100.00%
Wave Runner10.43%100.00%
Goblin Fireballer10.43%100.00%
Undead Badger10.43%100.00%
Gloridax Soldier10.43%0.00%
Failed Summoner10.43%100.00%
Silvershield Paladin10.43%100.00%
Clay Golem10.43%100.00%
Luminous Eagle10.43%100.00%
Barking Spider10.43%0.00%
Chain Spinner10.43%100.00%
Cave Slug10.43%100.00%

First spot we'll skip, you know the drill..

Cornealus takes econd this season, I really should be getting one as I'm renting it now. It's such a great card. I especially like it in poison ruleset. Even without doing damage its survival rate is so great, with lyanna it has +1 hp and thus gains +5 hp with every heal cycle. So a match with less than 5 damage incoming or poison and 3 or less will have the opposite team wither away while cornealus stays strong.

Win Rate by Ruleset

RulesetFrequencyWin Rate
Heavy Hitters2369.57%
Close Range2050.00%
Reverse Speed1973.68%
Explosive Weaponry1855.56%
Healed Out1631.25%
Noxious Fumes1668.75%
Little League1625.00%
Spreading Fury1662.50%
Super Sneak1560.00%
Holy Protection1435.71%
Odd Ones Out1450.00%
Equal Opportunity1250.00%
Keep Your Distance1266.67%
Aim True1291.67%
Fog of War1258.33%
Rise of the Commons1275.00%
Silenced Summoners1258.33%
Even Stevens1172.73%
Lost Legendaries1154.55%
Target Practice1163.64%
Lost Magic1127.27%
Armored Up1060.00%
Up Close & Personal862.50%
Back to Basics728.57%
Weak Magic666.67%
Taking Sides633.33%
Broken Arrows580.00%
Melee Mayhem560.00%

Nothing out of the ordinary here, actually my least favorite part of the report.

Ok I didn't win a single standard rule match, that's silly I'll try harder next time :-P

Tournaments Report


TournamentLeagueEditionsPlacement/#entrantsRatio (Win/Loss+Draw)Prize
Final - Spring Train Silver (w/NFT GIVEAWAYS)SilverOpen92/1000.00 (0/9/0)3 DEC



One tournament I unfortunately had to miss :-(

Last spring training too, will see how the nft's will appreciate over the coming years

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards
Total Standard351430
Gold Foil Cards
Total Gold00

Loot Chests

Reward ChestsDailiesSeasonTotal💲DEC💲
Legendary Potions15116640
Alchemy Potions191201000
UNTAMED Packs0000
Cards (Total)2213351430

Captured DEC (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play WinsDEC Earned

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings
8027 DEC

Ha, now the good part! For anyone who read my last report:

I managed to pull my first Legendary, no gold foil, but still. Almo Cambio is the card and it's an interesting one. High HP and not affected by negative status effects. It has no attack though so it's more a pure tank/buffer to hold the line. Interesting for sure and used it on several occasions.

Other than that.. pretty shitty season in rewards, maaaany potions, ok one big chunk of 2k dec (included instead of untamed packs since they sold out?) but mostly low amounts of dec and commons and occasional rare card.

Total ranked earnings is good though: 8k

I'm gonna save up a lot of dec and probably buy packs when the new set releases, gotta put those potions to work got a lot sitting idle..

Collection progress since last season

Gotta mention, when I wrote the last report I already had the Legendary card (+1k power) included in these stats. But wow, as I got only common and rares after the Legendary the power hardly grew. But ever since the untamed set sold out the market has been going up and up, $30+ increase on a collection of just $80, you do the math.. Will it stay that way? Will the new set devalue the current cards? Nobody knows for sure but for now things are looking good. The early sets before untamed are still high in price, if this repeats the cards will only go up. It all depends on the growth and development of the game of course. But from the looks of it, there's a bright future ahead!

Peakmonsters value+power progression (Reversed chronological order):

$ 111.12 using Market Prices // 13,790 DEC

$ 79.18 using Market Prices // 13,410 DEC

$ 60.42 using Market Prices // 11,880 DEC

$ 34.60 using Market Prices // 9,100 DEC

$ 28.53 using Market Prices // 7,230 DEC

$ 21.32 using Market Prices // 5,320 DEC

Rental Report

TypeDEC (fees)
Revenue1.232 (0.062)

This is new! Cool new feature. I rented one Gold Foil Legendary to get enough power for gold II. Also only rented out a few cards so hence the big difference.

Another crazy season and different from all earlier ones, high total dec earnings, low power gain, HUGE value gain. Splinterlands never fails to amaze. Hope you liked my report. Let me know how your season was and what your strategy regarding SPS airdrop and buying into the new set is (or maybe not buying is your strategy?) and I'll see you for the next report!

For anyone who's only now hearing about the game and wanting to try it out this will take you to the main page.


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nice slow and steady gains (if 5x your collection value in 6 seasons is considered slow ....), and it seems like your preferred style of play. patiently grinding away.

not sure if it is your style, but if you wanted to go all out, you could sell out a chunk of your cards now and use the dec to rent a killer diamond-level deck and push for champion rewards (120 season chests !!)

rents are soooo cheap right now its very rewarding for anyone who takes the risk. it wont last forever though !


Yeah, if mainstream games like clash royale taught me anything, it's that it's possible to get pretty far even without spending coin. Being consistent and patient is the key and that got me a lot of maxed cards there.

Do like the idea of that but I doubt I want to sell cards or spend dec at the moment with the airdrop.. on the other hand earning more dec and assets over the year should help in thay regard..

Any tips or guides on what to aim for? I hear each league has its own meta and I've only ever been in gold 2 at most. Was thinking of putting some fiat in but with dec price soaring that doesn't sound like a great idea. Maybe buy packs when the new set releases? Or direct credit buy instead? Any tips are welcome :-)

How's the new rental service working out for you?

Ps. Sorry for late reply just got back from holiday, kinda went offline there

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