Hi! I'm New Here - Come See My Legendaries!

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Some have a multitude of shoes to make them happy.. some cars, some even houses (if you can afford it). For me, it's always been trading cards.


I've never delved into MLB or NBA prototypes, I've always loved cards with a purpose. A token in a game that I could stack and take anywhere.. it's almost a piece of my creativity and ingenuity is also built into these cards and I am allowed to take them anywhere and everywhere with me.

Splinterlands is a culmination of all the games I once loved.. from MTG to Yugioh, SPT brings back the nostalgia I got when opening each pack.

The Christmas tournaments were plentiful, and it reminded me of being 13 years old going to my local card shop (Toy Mandala I miss you) to enter $10 and shoot for my chance at first place (and pulling a Morphing Jar worth hundreds of dollars)!


I get that same feeling on Splinterlands that I got in those moments of opening foil packs, and in selling legendary weapons on the Diablo 3 marketplace. Never has a game created such a vast marketplace with so many options to buy, sell, trade and build upon an account and deck.


It is so beautiful how I can simultaneously build my Steemit account with my Splinterlands account as sometimes I expunge cards for their value and vest up to support the whole reason why I got into the game.

Right now I have a worth of around 1k [USD], so take a look at the majority of that value (in my legendaries and epics sprawled across this post), they really make the game worth playing!


I think Ruler of the Seas is the single best card in the game, and I look to keep upgrading his level along with my Corrupted Pegasus.. probably my two favorite card effects and designs in the games.

I am really happy to be here, this platform will support SPT as a game and a brand and I want to perpetuate that! I believe that SteemMonsters and the Splinterlands saved Steemit, and I will be sticking around for a long while!


Welcome to monster world!


What a great Splinterlands post! An upvote from Steem Monsters is on the way!