CLOSED: Just a quick little contest - 2

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300 DEC to giveaway, 1 prize only - good luck.

Source: Steem Engine

To enter, simply pick a number between 1 and 100. Closest wins. If more than 1 person picks a number, the earlier post counts. If there is a tie, the earlier post counts. This contest will close 24 hours from now, and a new one will most likely start then.

Up-vote and re-steem not required (but feel free if you wish).

Going to tag all previous entrants. If you don't wish to be tagged, let me know and I'll stop.

@minhaz007, @akomoajong, @bitandi, @gillianpearce, @mastersa, @travoved, @guurry123, @cryptojiang, @adal111, @che-shyr, @ronaldoavelino, @wonderwop, @cwow2

Prize draw from yesterday's post.


The winner is: @cwow2

Congratulations, DEC is on its way to your Steem Engine Wallet.

Thanks for playing everyone, have a good day.


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Haha wtf. Thanks :D Lucky draw jeez :D

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