Splinterlands will be Saved - Fantasy Story and Music Contest // Week 17 //

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The battles between the different splinters continue. Every day the battles are worsening more and more, new combat strategies are put to the test and all this to seize control of the kingdom of Splinterlands.

But there is a long-awaited event by the Summoners and their monsters for several hundred years now and it is the arrival of an intergalactic ship that departed from the XYC23 galaxy bound for the kingdom of Splinterlands.

It is presumed that the intergalactic ship will arrive at the kingdom one day after the end of the current Splinterlands season.

The purpose of the crew of this ship is to take control of the Splinterlands kingdom. The monsters that come in the intergalactic ship have immense attack and defense power but will only use it to bring order to the kingdom and restore peace.

Hundreds of years ago, the XYC23 galaxy was also threatened to be destroyed by the continuing battles between its members and a colony of invaders who wanted to seize that galaxy and make slaves to all its native monsters. Luckily they had the help of the inhabitants of a neighboring galaxy and were able to overcome the enemy and regain peace.

Since then the monsters of the XYC23 galaxy vowed to help other galaxies that were facing the same problems. They are going to look for allies in Splinterlands as the most powerful guild in the current season to fulfill the mission they have.

What is recommended to each guild is to do everything possible to become the most powerful guild in order to be chosen by the intergalactic ship crew as the allies in Splinterlands.

Peace and tranquility must be recovered inSplinterlands and therefore this intergalactic ship must be welcomed since the mission they bring is of great importance. The crew will remain in the kingdom until they have accomplished the mission and then depart to another destination where they are needed.

It should be noted that all the members of the guild that they choose as their allies will be the new rulers of the kingdom of Splinterlands once peace is restored. Each member will have a very important role in the new government.

There are few days left for the arrival of this multicolored ship and the expectation within the Splinterlands kingdom is very great.

Some monsters are in favor of the arrival of the crew while others are against. It has been formed as a kind of division between native monsters by the arrival of the ship far apart from the already centennial enmity between them.

It is said that the monsters that are against it are those who want peace not to be restored and want to force all Splinterland monsters to force, while those in favor are those who want peace and peace to be restored. kingdom be prosperous again as it was in ancient times.

The truth is that it will soon be known what the destiny of this kingdom will be once this ship arrives and the mission they bring begins. They will be very intense days and perhaps many battles and deaths between the different sides in confrontation.

It is truly unfortunate to have to see epic and legendary monsters very strong and willing to give their lives for the peace of the kingdom, but it has been so throughout history. Peace has not been achieved between peoples but through war, the sacrifice of many innocent lives but in the end good will prevail over evil.

Hopefully, the next publication will be to bring good news about the success of the mission of this ship and to be able to say in large letters that AT LAST PEACE AND PROSPERITY RETURNED TO THE SPLINTERLANDS KINGDOM.

The drawing of the intergalactic ship was made by @samueldc

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