My First Battles (ever played) and Set of 12 Splinterlands Reward Cards Received

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Today I want to share my first experience in playing Steem Monsters (Splinterlands)! I am aware that this article may not be as interesting as many that are being written by high rated players.

I dedicate this article to novice and beginner players like myself, most specifically to @solominer, who earlier posted an article about his experience the just-ended season.

I also want to mention a few people from my #steemsilvergold family who kept my curiosity going about the game by sharing their experiences, the reward cards they received from one season to another, which cards they purchase, etc: @stokjockey, @senstless, @welshstacker, @knowledge-seeker, @monsterjamgold, @vgholdingsllc, @ironshiled, @goldmatters and many others (and of course you guessed right... they are at the Diamond level!).

1 day and 15 hours to the end of the Splinterlands season, I decided to play the game for the first time ever!

I started by first reading the How to Play in the Battle section which can be found on the top Menu Bar of

Afterwhich, I played 3 practice games, 2 of which I actually lost for not engaging my opponent. I was so confused, I did not know which buttons to click, LOL 🤣

Then decided to JUST DO IT and go into Ranked Battles

What helped me a lot was watching every battle (as the cards were being played) which helped better understand how the rules impacted the abilities of the monsters.

I reached 1035 a couple of hours before the end of the season, then stopped playing, because I already reached the threshold for 12 reward cards.

My battle stats was at 65% engaging in 81 battles with 51 wins and 30 defeats.

And these are the Reward Cards that I received!

I had so much FUN, and a challeging game to play! I want to thank @aggroed and @yabapmatt for creating such a fantastic game and another good way to build a bit of NFTs. Keep it coming!!!

I have a passion for stacking silver & gold, home-cooking and travel. Follow me in my life journey.

Thank you for viewing this article. I will see you again soon!

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Make it a fantastic Friday!!!

Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!!!!


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Thanks, @steemexplorers!

Welcome to the Splinterlands family. I hope you continue to have lots of fun. I’m usually in Silver league, so maybe I’ll meet you on the battlefield.

Hahaha, I am so nervous about playing on the Sliver League! But I certainly look forward to meeting you on that battlefield! It makes me wonder what the odds are with numerous players, 🤣!
Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, my friend! I appreciate you. Have a great weekend,, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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Welcome to THE GAME!

Do you play too, @ronaldoavelino? Isn’t it fun?!!! Have a great weekend, and take care!🥰🌺🤙

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Yes, I play since the start of steemmonsters. I have eleven alt-accounts and I will tell you when me meet at the battlefield. Take care.

MOS-DEF the #1 SteemMonsterS Article of ALL TIME,

since it's the most beautiful and lovely Gladiator @SSS888!!!

Thank you for being first to comment on this article, @underground 👍😍. I sincerely appreciate your friendship and encouragement as I daily struggle to keep writing articles daily of possible interest to this community! Have a great weekend ahead, my friend, thanks again and take care 🥰🌺🤙!

What a great post and congrats on reaching Silver III! This will be receiving a Steem Monsters upvote from me!

Thank you, dear @clove71! I finally did it!! I actually have viewed some of your battles 👍💪🏻 as well as those of others and learned in the process. Have a wonderful evening and take care, my friend. I appreciate your encouragement and the Steem Monsters upvote 🥰🌺🤙.

I Love that you got Curated nicely for this Post Ms. Saver. It is such a Wonderful Post about your First foray into the Monster Battlefield........ @silversaver888

Thank You @clove71 for Highlighting Great Monster Post and Curating Them. I Appreciate it and I Really Have much Adoration for this Lady and Her getting Involved with the Splinterlands.......

Wow! looks amazing! I also just joined that game and trying to understand how to play haha
Did you buy a starting pack?

When Steem Monsters first started, last year I think it was, I started buying starter packs. I was inundated trying to build readership for my blog and could not find the time to learn or play the game. I stopped purchasing cards, then I eventually sold most of what what I had of the Alpha Cards. The the Beta cards were introduced, and I bought a couple of packs and sold those too. As I came back, I found out that many of the cards from the starter pack are playable in my battles, even if I no longer own them. Lately, I purchased several cards from the market (as there no longer packs available) then played my first battles! The website has information on how to play. And you can do practice battles. JUST DO IT, my friend @irisworld. As in any game, you will win some battles and lose some. Just keep going! Let us do this together, @irisworld 🌺🤙

Yeah! definitely agree...I just playing some battles now and trying to understand, which card better to use :)

Well it's safe to say, at this rate, I never want to come across you on the battlefield.

You are too kind, @welshstacker!!! I appreciate the encouragement, my buddy!!! Have a great weekend ahead, and take care 🥰🌺🤙.

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Thank You Ms. Saver. This Steemmonsters Post has me Smiling from Ear to Ear. I am So Excited that You Have Grasped the Concept of The Game so Quickly and That You Enjoyed Your Journey in Earning More crypto by Playing the Game and Collecting the Monster NFT's (Non Fungible Tokens) Enjoy the Journey it is going to be a FUN ONE !!! @silversaver888

It was a fun first experience, @stokjockey!!! I look forward to more battles (or not) and learn more in the process. Have a wonderful weekend ahead, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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Thank You My SWEET Lady. I know That You will Only Enjoy this More and More Going Forward !

Thank you @steemmonsters! I so appreciate your encouragement 🥰🌺🤙

Of course I'm pre-rookie at zero with... 3 cards, have been avoiding this craze or else I'd lose more sleep than I already do.

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Oh my, what a cutie moji-you, sis @kerrislravenhill 😍👍💪🏻!!! Yeah, I went to the Darkside to try the game. It was challenging, enjoyable and fun!!! I know you will be good at it... but it does take time and some strategic thinking which I know you are good at! And since I completed my goal a couple of hours before the season ended, I was so curious to find out what reward cards I will receive and stayed till midnight to open them. And yes, I lost sleep time in the process of waiting. I could have done the opening today, and still slept on time.
One of these days, perhaps you will try the game, sis! I know your weekend off is coming... soon you will be able to rest from hectic work sleds. Take care, sis... luv ya much🥰😍😘🌺🤙

Awesome!! So happy that you enjoyed Steem Monsters my stacking sis!! It really is a lot of fun especially for a D&D guy like myself! Thanks for sharing!!!

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hehehe... and I shall start documenting my Splinterlands journey here! How are you, my stacking brother. I have not been feeling well lately since I got back from my trip, and having a challenge getting back to the swing of things. I have not opened the packages and orders I received from the time I left. A soon as I get to them, I will let you know. ost days I am so confused. And playing this game for the first time somehow has been a good break for me. Is it your experience too that you just want to play and keep on playing? But I have not clocked-in 24 hours of playtime yet, and I set a time limit on myself. So I guess that is good, right? You know, I have never eally played computer games ever. So this is really new to me. It is so much fun!!! BTW, what does D&D mean? LOL!!!
Have a fantastic day, my stacking brother, and take care 🥰😍😘🌺🤙

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@silversaver888 wow great job! Looks like you had a very positive experience. Thanks for tagging me and good luck with winning more cards. Keep an eye on their worth. Mine keep going up in value

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Awesome post! How did you rank so high so fast?