110 BETA PACKS OPENING AND PROFIT CALCULATION ( 176.5% return on investment )

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Greeting Splinter lovers , So from few day's i am planing to invest more on @steemmonsters . Why ??? I am game freak from my childhood , played so many online games and spend thousands dollar on those game , but didn't get a penny in return except the fun . Yeah the main reason to spend money on those game was fun . But on Splinterlands i am getting two in one , Fun and money . That's crazy right ?? Only 158253 Beta Packs Remaining !! which is almost less than 18% of total Beta pack sell . So i bought and opened almost 300 + 30(Bonus) packs with in this week. I am going to share my 110 Beta Pack Opening on my this post . During open those pack's Brilliant Legendary potion and Brilliant Alchemy potions was bought , which cost me 19400 + 24250 = 43650 DEC , Neoxian Guild save my 1350 DEC . So when i was started open my packs i thought let's just go slow and keep opening one by one .... But after open 20 packs , i didn't hold my patience . so started opened multiple packs . Here is some good catch from those single packs..



From first 20 Packs opening got 1 Chromatic Dragon And 1 Prince Rennyn , also got 2 common gold foil and 3 epic cards . Prince Rennyn give some relief , because that one card worth 30$+ . Then start opening 10 packs at once and opened 30 Packs .


From this 10 packs got 2 epic monster , no gold foil or legendary ... Let's see next 20 packs ..


So from this 20 packs got 1 Legendary Water summoner Valnamor , 1 Epic Screaming Banshee Gold foil , 1 Lyanna Natura Gold foil and 1 Common gold foil monster cards . Also got 7 epic and 23 Rare cards . Now again lose my patience and clicked on 50 Packs opening . Let's see :D


Woooooooooooooot !!! Finally Gold foil Angel Of Light Legendary card and Gold foil Mischievous Mermaid.

2xPrince Rynnen , 1 Valnamor , 1 Crypt Mancer , 2x Hydra , 1 Frost giant, 8 goldfoil common cards and 2 gold foil rare cards . So this 50 packs open push me on mooon , 10 packs open left but potions end . Let's see what i got from 10 packs without potions .

Screenshot_2019-08-25 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (1).png
Screenshot_2019-08-25 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png
Screenshot_2019-08-25 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (2).png

1 Lord of Darkness legendary monster card and 2 epic , 13 rare cards from 10 packs (without any potions )


Finally my 110 Packs opened and 550 Cards recieved ( 100 Packs with potions and 10 packs without potions ) . 200$ for packs and 40$ for potions , Total 240$ invested . Let's see how much i got from those ...

Normal Common Cards : 358 x 0.05$(Average) = 17.90$
Normal Rare Cards : 137 x 0.30$(Average) = 41.10$
Normal Epic Cards : 26 x 1.00$(Average) = 26$
Normal Legendary Cards : 3 x 2.50$(Average) = 7.50$
Hydra Legendary Cards : 2 x 10$(Market Low) = 20
Legendary Summoner(except Prince ) : 3 x 14$(Market Low) = 42$
Prince Rennyn : 3 x 33$ (Market Low ) = 99$
Gold Foil Common Cards : 12 x 2$(Average) = 24$
Gold Foil Rare Cards : 3 x 7$ (Average) = 21$
Gold Foil Epic Cards : 2 x 18$ (Average) = 36$
Gold Foil Angel Of Light : 1 x 89$ (Market Low ) = 89$

Total : 423.5$ worth cards from 240$ investment . 183.5$ profit from 110 Packs 176.5% returns .


That's all for today , the price of cards i used on calculation vary the market , though i am sure i put low price during decide a average price . Opening pack's something like gambling , it 's all about luck . You may get more than 200% profit or may get loss too , But as far as i think using Brilliant Potions help a lot to get good cards . So again i want to say before those beta packs gone buy some packs and hold on your bag , maybe someday the price of those packs will be like alpha packs , You never know what will happen on future though . Cheers and keep playing Steemmonsters .


Nice pull, @zaku.
Great feeling when those cards start shaking, right?
I got lucky again yesterday. opened my first 75 packs and got 3 gold foil legendaries.
You just gotta love those potions :0)

Hahahaha yeah whenever my screen was shaking i just prayed to see it as gold , and when at the last time i almost lose hope then the screen shaking become golden shaking :D

from 75 packs 3 gold foil legendaries ? :o OOOOmmmmGGGG :o

I thought I only had two... until I checked my collection today and noticed that Frost Giant I got was actually gold foil, hahaha

I burned a gf AOL last time to pay for potions. I already regret it, though. Although I'm not sure whether these gf legendaries are a blessing or a curse. I mean... they don't really sell, and they don't get rented either. But it's a nice addition to the collection :0)

ahhh you can still think that you got two , and send that extra to @zaku . I think that goes to you mistakenly from my packs :o jk hahahaha


Wow. You are way, way luckier than I am.

Hehehe Thanks @gillianpearce

Greetings, @zaku-spt

Excelent, maan!!!! Good job!! I am buying orbs now to do something like this!!!

Wow, that's really great! I don't think everyone will be so lucky every time, though. :)

Eso es ir con bien ¡Felicitaciones @zaku-spt !

I don't understand - what with the other 220 Pack?
Are you fair with us?
'Cause it seems to me that you loose on those next 220 Packs opening

I will share those too with details And i am 100% being honest in this case . If i lose i will say it for sure :D


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