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RE: Hey YOU!!! Yes you. Do you like shiny things? And STEEM! Well, get yourself some physical STEEM memorabilia before it's gone (which is 4 days from now)

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Still waiting for #105 to show up in the mail. 🤞


Have any idea when these are going to be shipped?

Not a clue.

I sent an email a month ago inquiring about when it would be shipped. I got a reply back telling me that it was still in production and to check on Ray Brockmans steemit page for more information. I looked on his page but didn't see anything about a shipping date. He hasn't posted anything in several days so I don't know. I sent another email today but haven't heard anything back. Once (or if) I find out something, I will let you know.

Ray replied to my email on October 31 and advised that the minting process should be completed in about 2 or 3 weeks and then they will be shipped to him for distribution.