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RE: Splinterlands Strategies: Fiendish Harpy

in #steemmonsters2 years ago

I love those 1 and 2 mana cards that actually have a use. Those are the ones that I try to max out and rent out because people are always looking for cards to fill in their lineup.


Are you using Peakmonsters for the renting, or that Herons?

I am using PeakMonsters for the one card that I have a long term lease on.

I'm trying to get to grips with Peakmonsters. It's not very friendly or intuitive but looks good once you get used to it.

Just one card your leasing you say? Is it worth levelling them up for this?

Yeah, I don't think it is very intuitive either. It is more of a long game investment. All of the money I spent to max level the Epic card were from post rewards so it's not like I spent anything. I picked "Brownie" because he is a 1 mana epic card and very beneficial for Earth decks. I won't see any return on the lease for quite some time. Legendaries are your best bet to lease out.

I use Brownie all the time in @bingbabe's earth splinter deck. Either that or Ooze. One mana critters are great space fillers.