Looking back at a Alpha Cards deal I made 7 months ago

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Seems like Steemmonsters is the only topic that I post about lately. That's because there are so much updates for this game and as existing players/investors, we are obliged to share with more people so that you won't miss out on this great investment again. LOL.

Anyway, today at the Steemmonsters Discord, someone was asking to verify the credibility of @cryptoeater, a well-known and respected member of the community. Then I remembered of a deal I had with him some 7 months ago. It was for the purchase of one set of Max Levelled Alpha Death cards, for this price

500 Steem. For a Max.Level.Alpha.Death.Splinter. All 11 cards. With Steem trading at around $0.40 back then, this purchase was for about $200.

Today, this set of cards is selling for almost $1000 on the market. That will be around 7300 Steem.

So much had changed in just 7 months. Steemmonsters continue to grow and cards (especially Alpha) continues to appreciate. While crypto alts and Steem just drops and drops.

Back in March, did you think that Steem would drop lower than $0.40? Would you believe if someone told you Steem would be worth only 13c in just 7 months?

Did you think Steemmonsters Alpha cards would grow 5 times in value?

I am sure majority of people did not believe. That is why I was able to snatched this amazing deal.

I am asking myself the same questions now. Do I think Steemmonsters Beta cards will grow 5 times in value, say in the next 1 year? Will Steem continue to skydive and drop lower than $0.13? $0.10? Maybe even lower to $0.05??

I am not sure. But I am starting to sell some of my cards. Maybe those who bought my cards today will write a similar post about how much they made 6 months from now.


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Hmmm why sell ar?

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Almost 15x your investment, that´s what I call a good read of the situation!

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