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Not feeling so creative? But you've been battling your heart out?!

Then this challenge is for you!

Each week we'll have a new THEME for the challenge, but always required: BATTLES.




  • 👉Create a post sharing a video of one of your battles using the DEATH Splinter.
  • Tell us about your line up. Why did you put them in those places?
  • Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?
  • Do you use the DEATH Splinter often? Why or why not?
  • Share your post to some OTHER Social Media site. Literally ANY site. (We want more people to know the joy of playing!)
  • 👉 TAG (hashtag) #splinterlands on that social media site when sharing.
  • 👉Link BOTH your STEEM post and the social media site you shared it to in the comment section below.

DEADLINE TO ENTER EACH WEEK: Before current post pays out. SHARE YOUR BATTLE CHALLENGE will be posted every Monday.


UPVOTES! ALL participants who follow ALL rules will be given an upvote from the @steemmonsters account. If your post is super awesome it's very likely you'll get a 100% upvote!

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🐲Highlights from the Week 🐲

Sharing a battle of Splinterlands - Thorns Theme by @alex-hmSplinterlands Battle Recap Using Thorns by @stever82Win, lose or draw, don't mess with my Manticore! by @welshstacker
Double-sided thorny defense! by @shyarenMy Splinterlands Epic Battle "Thorns" attack and defense at the same time. by @markjason¡Cuidado que pincha! // Watch out, it's pricking! [ESP/ENG] by @salvao
Splinterlands Strategy - THORNS by @monster-mountainTales Of The Splinterlands: The Little Thorn That Could by @monsterchillerSplinterlands Weekly Contest : Theme -- Thorns by @iampolite
Thorn Battle using the Spineback Turtle as tank by @anouk.nox.sptMy Splinterlands (cryptogame) battle with Thorns ability/Мой бой со способностью Шипы в криптоигре Splinterlands by @shenanNoneone can defeat the Lord Ariathus by @yonilkar
HOBGOBLIN - Melee Attack (THORNS) In Action by @chireerocksA Thorny encounter by @mickvirSteem monsters thorns contest by @golddeck

Untamed coming soon!

Places to learn more, connect and play!

SPLINTERLORE Website: It's lore galore!

SPLINTERLANDS/STEEM MONSTERS BLOG: Where you'll find all the updates. GET IN THE GAME!


Great idea, I don't do any other social media stuff, but that's what happens when your an old fart! Keep up the awesome work, we really appreciate it!👍👊👏

Thank you! 😍

On Saturdays, I do a "Share Your Content" Challenge too! AND we do manual curation... so, ya don't have to share (outside steem) to earn! (Though we do love it.)
Feel free to drop posts on the Saturday Challenge... so I'll see them. 🥰 @carrieallen

Hope you enjoy this week's blog:

Shared on my insta account:


Lord Arianthus meme.png

Hasta la vista, Baby

Dead will rise again for a hunt in #splinterlands 💀💀☠️

My steem post:
My tweet here:

Thanks for giving me chance.

Got you!.png
Great job!

Don't forget to tag #splinterlands on Twitter next time! 😍

@steemmonsters, Thank you so much for your kind mention team. Looking forward to this one too.

Have a productive time ahead team and stay blessed.

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I love the weekly battle theme (it's the only post i can make more than 5c with LOL)

thanks guys and gals ;)

Be sure to check my comments on your post!
Thanks for playing!
It's getting better every time!

I discuss a 15 mana battle this week
Shared it on twitter here:

Thanks :)

Hello! Here's my Deadly encounter Lol. ^^ 👇👇👇

Here's the video of my battle I uploaded on youtube 👇👇👇

I also shared it on facebook click the link below 👇👇👇

Ahhh! @markjason !! Your facebook link doesn't work! HALP! I need it!

And then? I will give you the BEST of all the upvotes. Cause this is an AMAZING and HELPFUL post, dude.

Get me that facebook proof!


I fixed the link already, thanks for noticing @carrieallen.

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It still doesn't work. 😭

But... I updooted ya anyways. I believe you.🥰

Great post!

Thank you for the sweet upvote... hmm I wonder why my link doesn't work.

But when I'm clicking the link its working, I'l try to check my facebook privacy settings...


It's working now! But, you know... I DID believe you. 😘@carrieallen

@steemmonsters, Kindly find my piece below.

Twitter Promotion.

Keep doing the wonderful work team. Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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Reddit looks sexy this time.
😍 @carrieallen


I posted my battle on Steemit

and on facebook sharing the same post
it was banned :(((


Oh no! That's crazy!

If you wanted to add a bit to your post by including the suggested questions above, then it would be more helpful to your audience.

The idea behind this challenge is to SHARE your information (battle strategies) with the world not only to give them tips, but get potential NEW players who are interested in your thoughts.

This post didn't have much information.

If you DO decide to add some, come back HERE and let me know- I'll see your comment. And don't worry about not being able to share to facebook. 😎

Hey! Thank you! I updated my post as you recommend,
@carrieallen please, check it again.
Thank you for this contest!

So sorry for the late upvotes! Holiday weekend here in the USA.



My tweet:

This week I reviewed 2 Death Splinter matches, that encompass a lot of death splinter abilities, I had during my daily quest today on my blog
I also shared via twitter
I also talk about the next gold foil Death card I plan on buying or trading for :)

Here's my post about a death battle that got me into champion 3 yesterday :)

Just opened season rewards, now waiting for untamed! Loving all the new cards!!!!

I am pretty late but was a busy week. Hope you take a look. Sorry, this might be longer than you wanted.

also shared on youtube.

and twitter

Also on the facebook group.

Yes! You made it!

I'm a bit behind myself this week...

I'll always double-check the posts from the week earlier when I post the new one, to make sure I get folks coming in at the end.

I'll be getting the new Battle post out soonly!

Thank you good to know. It is a busy time of year for a lot of us. Thanks again for the fun stuff to post about.