Splinterlands Cards on Ethereum?

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Hey monster fans. There's always interest in us reaching new audiences and getting our cards into new places. That's not just coming from the players - that's what we want too. We've been quietly working on figuring out how to get Splinterlands cards to be tradeable on Ethereum as ERC-721 tokens. It's not as easy as you'd expect. Eth doesn't have simple things like account names, and all the smart contract language complicates a lot of what we do on Steem. So, it's a learning curve, a social network issue (finding the right people), and a time thing... All that said, we have a very tangible first piece done that we'd like to share!

We present the Goblin Shaman on Open Sea on the Rinkeby Testnet!!!

You can see the asset on their Rinkeby testnet site here: https://rinkeby.opensea.io/assets/0x17B6ff6c49d2EfE46129Ea5Bae5840f4be818B2F/1

Or, if clicking the link is too difficult, here's what it looks like:

How It Will Work

When this is live, hopefully within the next couple of months, players will be able to "mint" their Splinterlands cards as ERC-721 tokens and hold them in their Ethereum wallet.

Cards that are minted on Ethereum will be "locked up" in the game, meaning they will not be able to be transferred, used in battles, delegated, or listed for sale through the game. Instead, they will be able to be transferred on Ethereum just like any other ERC-721 token and listed for sale on Ethereum-based exchanges like OpenSea.

The Ethereum tokens can then be sent back to our smart contract at any time at which point they will be unlocked in the game and transferred to the new owner's account (if there is a new owner).

Why Are We Doing This?

We don't honestly expect many people to actually transfer their cards over to Ethereum tokens, though it would be awesome if we're wrong about that. I mean, why would you list your cards on a platform that's relatively slow, has transaction fees, and not a whole lot of volume for NFTs while there is already a much faster, high volume exchange with thousands of dollars of cards traded every day?

Creating an ERC-721 contract for Splinterlands cards is more of a marketing and promotion tactic than anything else. Despite it's disadvantages, Ethereum is by far the top smart contracts blockchain platform, and a lot of people pay attention to it and stay on top of what's going on there. Our hope is that this move gets the game on the radars of a lot more people, from players to developers to investors.

Additionally, the more that people pay attention to the Splinterlands game, the more they are also likely to pay attention to Steem as a serious app development platform. We see this as a potential opportunity to show some of the folks in the much larger Ethereum community what the Steem platform is capable of!

For the Players

  • For the Players - hopefully we'll have a few new opponents for you to battle.
  • For the HODLERs - hopefully we'll have a few new whales competing for your cards on the market.
  • For the Traders - hopefully liquidity improves as cards can be traded on more places for more tokens.
  • For the Investors - hopefully this drives sales of UNTAMED and helps ensure that we have the resources to continue to grow this game far out into the future.

Lots in here for everyone. Should be fun.


Really smart. I think as the crypto market space matures we will see game creators do what KING (CandyCrush Saga) did and launch their projects across multiple platforms.

$500 Million a Quarter for simple games people play between, casually posting and engaging with friends on Myspace and Facebook.

Also getting cross chain applications and cooperation going is a strong first step into the future of Dapps.


I like that idea and it gives the Splinterland cards more credit ability and visibility in the Blockchain space.
I could see great potential if you put the DEC Token also on the Ethereum Blockchain :-)

DEC will likely be next assuming things go well with the cards first.

This is great to see. Simply having the on-chain assets there may help spread the word about splinterlands in ETHspace and creates a new sales channel.

Doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but I can see why. Hopes for ETH users to see STEEM would be a great reason😉

@tipu curate

Marketing is good, but why not go to EOS?

ETH still gets far more attention and users than EOS so we think it was the right first choice, but there's no reason EOS can't be next!

Based on what? DApp users are 10x more than eth, at least.

I'd guess most people across EOS already have Steem (and bitshares) on their radar. Ethereum likely contains a lot more people not currently aware of Steem and/or Splinterlands. Virgin soil.

makes somewhat sense, only that there are like 300 people using DApps on ETH... I wonder if it's worth it in the end. but yep, I can see some news posts about it!

Sweet. Got a link?

@steemmonsters, Great step team and specially in regards to Promotion of Splinterlands Ecosystem. Keep up the awesome work team and stay blessed.

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excelent market strategy

Like jogging in place waiting for the pack to catch up. Backwards leaning, but gotta do what you gotta do if you want others to follow.

I Don't Own any Crypto Kitties, Does that Matter ??

EOS might be a better option 😀

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Sure.... Problem is that Ethereum is inferior in every single way to STEEM (when SMTs launch even more so) but if it could attract some new players, why not.

Even Gods Unchained once it launches will be constrained by the Ethereum blockchain. When i gave Cryptokitties a shot i dropped it almost instantly due to how annoyingly slow everything was and how much i would have to confirm transactions and how often i had to pay fees.

When everyone is drinking Kool Aid, subject to brainless shilling, its hard for a good product to get traction.

Good to hear! I hoped you would go cross chains at some point (with cards). EOS is still one to consider (somehow that's like a curse word on steem)


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I can understand the diversification. It’s always nice knowing you guys are trying and testing out new things.

There is a lot of potential in the ETH market. It be nice to see this game grow at a faster rate.

While I'm not to happy about the gas costs. It seems the overall market in crypto world is use to paying transaction costs. They are at least more reasonable then other places. Granted I do prefer 0 fee hehe.

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